Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why some female authors vex me...

Den of the Beastly Bear

Hi Folks!

Caution sexually explicit terms follow...

Let me preface this little observational blog by saying for the most part I find women authors to be amazing!

Their descriptive skills, imagination, and "feel" for personal interactions leave me in awe!

The other day I visited a blog recommended by another blogger that I read. This recommended blogger is in fact a published author...cool.

It was not until I visited the blog that I got to see the title of said published work.
"The Misadventures of Me and My Uterus"

Why do some female authors feel the need to do this?
It is a uniquely female phenomenon.

Were I to write:
"The Misadventures of Me and My Penis"
I would automatically be branded a misogynistic pig!!!

So why do women authors do this? Title their books after their genitalia and reproductive parts?!?

Is it for the shock value? Do they believe this will "pull" in those that might otherwise pass their tome by? 

Are they afraid their name is not enough to define them as female?!? Granted I've met a male Sandy, Cleo, and Bailey but they are few and far between.
Names like Jordan, Jaimie, Chris are pretty asexual and are commonly used for either...but come on!

Perhaps they're so proud of the "Divine Feminine" that they wear it on their sleeves, instead of in their pants!
I don't know, but the rational escapes me...

I'm sure everyone here has heard of "The Vagina Monologues" , but a mere cursory search of Amazon.com produces a plethora of other titles...
Such as:
"How I lost My Uterus and Found My Voice"
"Nursery Rhymes: Have You Seen My Uterus?"
"The Vagina Buffet-Bite size tales of a Brazilian Waxer"
"Power Of Vagina: How To Make A Man Love, Respect, And Commit To You"
"The History Of My Vagina And Other Sordid Tales"

It seems to me that these type of titles automatically alienate half the reading population. Now I feel I'm a pretty open guy, in touch with my feminine side while maintaining my "Manly Man" status, but I gotta say not one of those titles "speak" to me!!!

I've always maintained a dream of being a published author...here are some titles I've been throwing around:
"The Life and Times of My Cock and Balls"
"My Balls: Itchy & Scratchy"
"My Taint-It Taint Just for Breakfast Anymore"
"The 'Ins and Outs' of Living With a Penis"
"Separated at Birth: Me and My Foreskin"

Just a thought...

And I didn't even TOUCH on Boobs!!! *wink, wink*

Be Well Folks!

Beastly Bear


  1. I find it unnecessary too but I guess some writers feel that they have an in your face message to put out there or discuss things that are considered taboo or behind closed doors. And we shouldn't be ashamed to discuss them.

    1. I'd say let your work speak for itself without the overtly crass titles...but hey, that's just me.

  2. Actually I would so read the life and times of my cock and balls!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA But seriously, I agree with you on so many levels. Not very long ago I came across a story a lady had written for the Speak Easy fiction challenge where her main character painted with her menstral blood. Seriously! I was so wondering why! I mean who does that shit??? What kind of person has their period and thinks to themselves., :Oh, who needs paint? I will just strip down, stick my paint brush up my va-jay jay and paint a masterpiece? WTF!! Seriously. Not only did it gross it me out...but I still am scarred by the very thought of it!!! On top of that, those crazy fools at the Speak Easy voted it as one of the best that week convincing me that I will never aspire for top row status on the grip if they expect me to get creative with vagina juices and blood. Ewwww!!! No! HA HA HA But I honestly think you should consider writing a novel about the life and times of your cock and balls because I honestly think it would be bestseller. I say go for it...because that shit sells Joe even if we can't understand it. You simply can't resist reading it!! HA HA HA HA! I loved this post. Maybe my favorite one of yours yet! ♥

    1. I guess all I can say Kathy....about the speakeasy folks is, "there's no accounting for taste!"
      I'm glad you liked it Kathy...it was a fun write!
      The whole problem with writing "The life & times of my cock and balls" would be length! Too short for some, too long for others....Lol

  3. Fine. I'll just scrap my wip. You will never get to read "The Vaginal-Boob-Uterus Connection" because I'm not finishing it!
    Love this whole thing!
    I have yet to open any of those blogs involving uterus or vagina...got my own to deal with don't need to hear about their's. Well, actually my uterus is in someone's trash. I know you wanted to know that.

    1. Awww Jo, don't quit on my account! LOL
      Well, I've never owned one...though I'm currently in a long term lease.
      I figure for you gals, they are like opinions...and you know what they say about opinions?
      They're like assholes, everybody's got one....so I don't need your! Lol

  4. No idea why these authors do it, but I'd guess they don't expect a male audience. YOUR titles are hilarious, although, yes you'd labeled and fast! Thanks for the laughs.

  5. Hi Deb! Thanks for stopping in. Yeah, I'm guessing their target audience is women...but why limit who wants to read your stuff??? I don't get it... :-)

  6. But how do you feel about videos???? ;)

    1. Ooooo I didn't know there were videos!!! Sign me up!