Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Season of My Discontent....

Den of the Beastly Bear

Hi Folks!

Here's something you might not know...


Oh I know it's not right...after all rain is water and water gives life, but I hate it just the same.

Well, more specifically being out IN the rain....
Always have.

Perhaps it was the whole "Rained for forty days and forty nights" and destroyed the world thing from catechism...I don't know.

I will allow that I love the sound of the rain.

I guess what it really comes down to is being in wet clothes, at least if you're out in the snow you can brush it off!
But rain just soaks you through to the skin! Nasty wet, clinging clothes...they even smell funny. Like wet dog...

That whole kissing in the rain business from "The Notebook" that all you gals find soooooo romantic...
I can't imagine being any more miserable...

Brings to mind the old "Don't have sense enough to come in out of the rain" idiom.

Also, rain brings humidity...which makes me hot!

I also hate being hot!

If you're cold, no put on more/warmer clothes. If you're hot, there's just so much you can take off...and trust me, nobody wants to see THAT!
How I look exercising!

This is yet another reason to hate exercise!
Exercise makes me hot, which makes me sweat...a lot, which makes my clothes wet! Aaaarrrgghhh!!!!

I only like being wet on purpose, which meanings swimming or showering (preferably with a partner).

Completing the trifecta of things I hate: mosquitoes!

Can't stand the little blood suckers! There are even tales, quite believable to me...of frontiersmen being driven insane by their constant buzzing attacks.

Whenever the ubiquitous Facebook post asks "If you could eliminate one thing from the world, what would it be?" 
My answer? Mosquitoes!

Follow me here, not only are they personally annoying, put as purveyors of disease worldwide they are without peer! Encephalitis, west Nile virus, Dengue fever, yellow fever, malaria... Need I go on?!?

Today is the Summer Solstice, the official start of summer, or: 
"THE SEASON of rain, heat, and mosquitoes"!

Hence the season of my discontent!

I suppose if I lived on the beach, with cool breezes blowing in off the ocean, and could jump in the ocean should I get too hot, and a derth of mosquitoes... I'd be fine.

But being I live in South Eastern Michigan...heat, rain, and mosquito central... I'm in for three months of misery while the rest of you are loving it!

So should I not appear overly happy the next few'll all know why.

Glad that you all will be enjoying it though!

Be Well Folks!!!

Beastly Bear


  1. Hey I live in a place literally surrounded by water and beaches and it does nothing to help the high humidity. I love rain though....I loved the WA climate so much. Got to the point where I never bothered to use an umbrella anymore and half the time I forgot to wear my raincoat unless it was really pouring. And I'd only use the hood if it was pouring. Agree with you on the mosquitoes. In Maine they also have black flies and in a month or so, the horse flies, aka 'green heads' will be out. Those are huge flies that will leave gigantic itchy welts where they bite. I remember swimming in my aunt's pool w/ my cousins and the second you popped your head out of the water, Several green heads would land on you. We'd have to tell each other, 'GET UNDER!' to make them go away when we dipped under the surface. We had contests to see who could kill the most.

    1. Washington, Oregon...not for me! We have black flies in Michigan as well, they breed in moving water, where mosquitoes in calm...that's Michigan, lots of water, lots of bugs!

  2. I'm not a mosquito lover, for sure. But I do enjoy a walk in a nice rain. The wet clothes are okay for me and as long as it's not COLD, I'm good.
    I hate Cold, Ice, Snow and the bleakness of sun deprived skies. I revel in the heat, humidity and summer SUN. Florida is my destination for those reasons...I'm not thinking about the mosquitoes, though screen porch will help that. I'm not thinking about the alligators or the hurricanes too much either. Though, I'm fencing in the back yard and going to an area that has only EVER had one hurricane.

    1. I know that you become acclimated to wherever you live...which is why I laugh at friends that have moved to Texas or the deep south when they come home. It's 50 degrees and I'm wearing shorts and they're in down filled parkas! You'll love Florida Jo, but I'm gonna laugh at you when you visit home in your parka!

  3. Getting rid of mosquitos would indeed save the world from a lot of misery! They must serve some purpose, but I'd be willing to try.

    1. Yeah, Joeh!!! Who do we have to talk to about this!!!

  4. I hate mosquitoes too. My daughter is allergic to their bites and every single bite swells up to the size of a ping pong ball. As far as rain goes...well I am one of those freaks that love to frolic in the rain laughing my fool head off. HA HA HA In high school I ran on the cross country team senior year and since we would run about 6 miles a day for practice, some of those times you got caught out there in a rain storm. I can testify that rain makes you run faster! HA HA HA

    1. Freak! Lol
      The ONLY reason to be in the rain is to get to where there IS no rain!!!

  5. My apologies in advance for your miserable first weekend in August! It will be a hot m'fer I won't lie. Mosquito population isn't too bad. Humidity is similar to here. I will provide cold beverages to offset the discontent!

    1. Oh Jen, you KNOW I'm all about the cold beverages! No apologies necessary, I get to see my friend Jenny get married to a great guy! AND I'll be on vacation, that's good enough for me!

  6. When I'm driving, I hate rain, because those who don't know how to drive in the rain are all out. But, if I'm inside the house, I love rain, because it's conducive to reading a book. It's not humid here in California, and we are having drought. Please send the rain here. hehehe


    1. Well Hello again Miss Sonnia! That's THE best way to experience the rain, indoors with a good book!!! I know you've been suffering out there this whole year, I hope the drought breaks soon for all of you.

  7. Hey Joe (where ya goin with that gun in your hand)...Where ya been???

    1. Work has occupied my time as of blog later today(Sunday)!
      I think it's a little longer than normal, but not by a lot...hope you enjoy it!
      And thanks for missing me JoJo!!!

  8. I love the rain, even more so now that I live in a place that rarely sees any, and that whole kissing in the rain thing? It really is cool.. Just sayin'.. The humidity, you can have that and all of the heat and mosquitoes.. I'm counting down the days til SNOW.. Now, kissing while the snow is falling? Divine... :)

    1. YES, now kissing as the snow falls gently around you, the hushed stillness...the heat of the lips, the steam of their breath, snowflakes on THAT I'm into!!!