Thursday, May 22, 2014

It's all in the timing...

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Hi Folks!

Timing...the world revolves around it! Much as we'd like to ignore's true. Seconds change the course of human events!!!

I was talking to an old friend on the phone today, he's been my buddy for 30 years...and I couldn't help but think, but for timing, it may have never been!

When first I started at Perry Drugs...I made one friend early, Ricky Johnson.

Rick was closer to my age than the rest of the drivers, shared my love of hunting, fishing, and all things that shoot. 

We became close enough to plan tons of hunting trips together, he was even one of my groomsmen when I married Mama Bear!

I had worked there no more than a week, Rick and I had shared quite a few conversations when he asked me after work: 

"Wanna come over for a beer?"

Well, those that know me will tell you...I rarely turn down a beer! Lol.

So I followed him to the little house he was renting on Pontiac Lake.

He gave me the nickel tour, we walked out to the lake to admire the view before settling into the family room to enjoy our beers. We sat and talked as a fledgling M-TV played low in the background.

As he had walked me through his home, it didn't appear the typical bachelor pad...I noticed a distinctly feminine touch and assumed there was a woman in Rick's life.

We talked about a little of everything, just two guys getting to know one another.

When a Pat Benatar video came on and I made mention that I certainly thought she was very hot, Rick asked me if I was seeing anyone.

I allowed that currently, I was experiencing a bit of a "dry spell"... but I did have some likely prospects.

Where we worked was out of a distribution warehouse, that also housed the corporate offices.
So there was no shortage of women working there, not only girls working as pickers in the warehouse itself, but in the shipping/receiving offices, and women that worked in the front offices commonly cut through the warehouse...

Rick told me it was a great place to meet women as most of the women working there were our age, in fact, that's where he met his girlfriend Arlene.

He asked if I had my eye on any of the girls working there...

Oh, I did!!!

I didn't yet know her name...but I sure had designs on one girl in particular.

She worked in the corporate offices and would walk through the warehouse taking paperwork to the different offices...I didn't know what she did exactly, but I didn't care either!!!

She was stunning...

About 5'6", slim of waist and ample of blossom she was always dressed to the 9's! She often wore skirts, I think I may have mentioned how I LOVE skirts and dresses on women!!! Long legs in high heels completed the ensemble.

Her shoulder length hair was red, not the brassy bright orange deep a red it was almost brown, and she wore it big and feathered as only 80's ladies could! Usually, on redheads, I prefer green or gray eyes, but hers were brown, almost black...and somehow just "fit" her. She was also not as pale as most redheads, telling me she loved the outdoors...a small spray of freckles across her nose gave her a cute "little girl" look that was at complete odds with her very womanly body!!!

But all that just made her pretty...
What made her ATTRACTIVE was her personality!
We've all known that woman that was above average in looks...and by her attitude told the whole world she knew it and expected to be treated as such!!!
We usually call them "Snooty Bitches"!!!

This girl was the exact opposite, a beautiful woman who acted for all the world as if she had no idea of that fact!!!

Every single time I saw her she wore a perpetual smile on her face, as though she were as happy and contented as she could possibly be. She talked freely to everyone she saw...the kind of girl that spread good feelings where ever she went.

The few times I had actually said "Hi" as she passed along her way, she graced me with a brilliant smile and "Hello" in a tone that made me think I might have a chance...

I was just about to tell Ricky all this and ask if he knew her name when we heard keys in the front door...

"That'll be Arlene," Rick said, "she works up front so she doesn't get off until 4."

"I'm home..." She called as we heard her place her purse and keys on the table.

"In here babe..." Rick called back

High heels clacked on the tile, and around the corner Redhead!!!!

"Ummmm, hi..." I stammered, stunned.

SHIT!!! Well, check that one off the list...

"Babe, this is Joe the new driver...Joe this is my girlfriend Arlene." Rick introduced us.

I stood "Pleased to meet you...I think I've seen you around"

She graced me with another of those smiles, perhaps a "knowing" smile as she stepped forward and took my hand:

"Yes, I believe you have..." She said, releasing my hand and turning for the bedroom...already starting to remove her earrings. 

"Hon, I'm gonna change...why don't you ask Joe if he'd like to stay for dinner?" She called over her shoulder as she went.

Two minutes.
Just two minutes later and I'd have told Ricky how I had the hots for his girlfriend...and that would've been the LAST beer we'd ever shared!!!

Rick was the jealous type, and Hell....I'd have been too!

Rick and Arlene went on to get married...they were the power couple at Perry's, setting up the company picnics and canoe trips down northern rivers!

Arlene hunted too, I think more because Rick did than because she liked it so much. But she accompanied us on every trip, even heading up to Lake Goegebic bear hunting with us...

They were our best "couple" friends!
They didn't last, and it broke our hearts to see them split up.

Speaking of timing...Friday is my last day of work before a much needed weeks vacation, and I woke up sick!!!! Aaaaaarrrrggghhh!!!!

Here's hoping you all have exquisite timing!!! Lol.

Be Well Folks!

Beastly Bear


  1. I thought that was going somewhere else for a while, then you mentioned redhead and I know this was not going to be good. Could have been worse, it could have gone in the first direction.

    1. You're right joeh!!! I too felt the phrasing of the question a little "off" when he asked...and was happily relieved when he mentioned his girlfriend! Lol.

  2. I assume Mama Bear knows you were warm for Arlene's form at one time? lol I, too, thought this story was going in another direction at the very beginning.

    1. JoJo, only after Arlene had long since remarried...and we were no longer friends with her. I'm not THAT foolish!!! Lol
      I was a little concerned as well...I'm glad the misdirection came through.

  3. You do turn a phrase...great story. Arlene messed up! That's all I'm sayin'.

    1. Why thank you Jo, for your kind words...

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you MA!!! Nice to see you again!

  5. I hope you get to feeling better so you can enjoy your vacation!! It was a good thing she walked in when she did or you would have so lost your friend. He probably wouldn't have appreciated that one bit.

    1. I hope so too Kathy...nothing worse than being sick on vacation!!!

  6. Oops. That's happened to me before, actually. I met a guy in college I thought was cute and found out he was dating the girl who had invited me to hang out. I think I'd be flattered if I'd been dating someone that a female friend had her eye long as she didn't know he was with me!

    1. I think it would have wrecked the friendship before it started..he'd have always had in the back of his head that I had the hots for his girl!

  7. This totally happened to me only my girlfriend actually did spill the beans about this hot guy that she met that worked on her vehicle.. I asked his name, she told me and I said, "Oh, well, he's married." She said, "No! How do you know?" I said, "Because he's my husband." We laughed and remained friends. :)

    1. That's funny! How adult of the two of you!!! Lol
      That has not been my experience...
      Then again you are an extremely confident woman! ;-)