Saturday, May 24, 2014

I've had it...

Den of the Beastly Bear

Hi Folks!

OK, I've officially had it!!! This shit can stop anytime I attended my third funeral in less than two weeks!

I found out on Thursday that one of my buddies at work passed away on Tuesday of an apparent brain aneurysm.

Last Thursday he had a terrific headache at work, called off Friday and went to the doctor. The doctor did an ultrasound of his carotid arteries, all clear.

He was on vacation this past week.

On Monday he went to the chiropractor, had an adjustment done to his neck and was assured he would feel better in the morning.

On Tuesday not having heard from him, his parents went to check on him and found him apparently peacefully asleep on the couch. When he did not respond...

This one hit a little close to Mike was my age.

He too was a team leader, on the production side and I worked closely with him every day. I'll miss my daily fist bump and "Thank ya Joe!" when we solved a problem together.

A laid back fella with a heart of gold...never saw him lose his temper.

A classy guy who's gonna be missed.

Safe travels my friend!

Really...I've had enough!

Be Well Folks!

Beastly Bear


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  2. I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend. I am an anti-chiropractor person and can't help but think that getting one's neck wrenched can't be good for you. It really sucks to have our peers pass away. We've gone to a couple of wakes/funerals for people that we knew in high school and it sucks.

    1. Thank you JoJo! Not big on chiropractors myself...went to one myself back when I was having my headaches, at that point I would have tried ANYTHING!

  3. Joe, Sorry for the string of losses and I understand this last one very well. I had a CoWorker die last month to Cancer. He was 51 and showed no signs but feeling a bit run down. Went to the doctor and in 35 days was dead it had progressed that far undetected.

    Ultimately, we can only love everyone, protect those we can protect, do good works and find peace with the world as it comes at us.

    Be well

    1. Thanks Dave, that is so rough about your coworker! That cancer is insideous stuff!!!
      What really sucked is Friday night at work I got a call on my PTT radio and it came up "Mikey" as the guy that's now doing his job had his radio. Had to catch my self from my automatic "What's up Mike?".... Came out more "What's up Mi-er-Jerry"!

      You certainly are right my friend...we need to appreciate them while we can!

  4. First my condolences. Too much loss for anyone. Big hugs and prayers that you will simply miss those who have moved on and cherish those who have not.
    I have recently found myself saying, "We're all dying, just don't know when. So let's just enjoy THIS moment." My mom has reached an age she never expected to see and is now consumed with making no plans and wanting nothing to change. Why? Because she may not even wake-up tomorrow. True for any of us, but we ARE here now, so let's live, love and be grateful for what we've had and what we have and let's go ahead and make plans for what we can possibly have coming our way. A better and easier life.

    1. Thank you Jo! Sorry your Mom has taken the "waiting to die" path. You've got to live like you're never gonna die...make plans, do things, be excited to see change (hopefully for the better)! My mom refuses to embrace any technology beyond her cordless phone! Wants nothing to do with computers, internet, smart phones and such. Yet doesn't have a problem with "Look up on that little phone thingy of yours and see if the guy that played the "Cisco kid" is still alive" or "I want to get such and such for so and so, look online and see if you can order me one, and I'll pay you for it!"

  5. Oh Joe I'm so sorry. We had a year like that last year. I lost track of the people passing and it seemed to go on week after week, after week. I'm very, very sorry. Not only is the loss all encompassing so is the emotional fatigue you feel afterward.

  6. Thank you MiMi! It has been a rough couple weeks...on vacation this week hopefully I can de-stress a little.