Friday, March 21, 2014

Things you see when you don't have a gun...

Den of the Beastly Bear

Howdy Folks!

Big Doin's here in the land of the Beastly Bear. 

I am equal parts pissed off and embarrassed!!! Let me tell you why.

Today my Daughter was going to take me out to lunch with her tax refund for helping with(read as doing) her taxes.

But I was offered 4 hours overtime to come in early, greedy bastard that I am I took a "rain-check" from my daughter and headed in.

Thinking ahead, I thought I'd stop at the "Big John's Steak and Onion" on Corunna Rd. in Flint for a breakfast sandwich and a sub for later in my twelve hour day.

As I stood in line placing my order, a guy came in behind me. About thirty, he was your typical young black man heading to work. Blue jeans, Navy blue hoodie, white high tops laces askew, and a navy stocking cap.

An older black woman came in behind him in line, headed to work as well in uniform pants, a logo'd polo shirt, logo'd jacket replete with ID badge...

I placed my order, paid, and stepped down to the end of the counter to the food "pick up station" to await my order.

As the young black fellow stepped up to order I must say I wasn't paying much attention, until I heard "Gimme all the cash...big bills, I want big bills!!!"

I turned back to the cashier and saw this guy had his left hand in the pocket of his unzipped hoodie and had it laying on the counter pointed at the cashiers chest.

I reached for my gun...only to realize I'd broken the first rule of winning a gunfight...bring one!!! DAMN!!!

You see General Motors does not allow guns on their property, period. So while I am licensed to carry a concealed weapon in my state, I must forgo my Constitutional right to self defense and leave my gun at home or face termination. I was on my way into work. Ergo, my gun was at home....

The things that ran through my mind in the next few seconds, I quickly dismissed. I could bum rush the guy, his attention was focused on the cashier...I had 6 feet to get my 370 lbs. up to speed, if I slammed him into the wall he'd probably crumple like a rag doll.

Problem was, did he really have a gun? I didn't THINK so...but I decided I wanted that lunch with my daughter...too big a risk.
If I'd been sure he didn't really have one...

Then there was the gentleman's tactical knife sitting in my pocket, thought I'd have a time explaining sticking this guy unless he posed a direct threat to me. So far he hadn't, just the cash register.

Just that fast the decision was made for me as he bolted for the door, cash in hand.

As the girls behind the counter yelled to the cashier to hit the alarm button, I was out the door behind him...I wanted to see which way he went. He jogged across the parking lot, around a fence to the back of the plaza next door. He jumped into the passenger side of a silver or pale metallic blue 90's era Taurus. In a squeal of tires they were gone. 

I dialed 911 as I walked back into the store, reported the robbery to the dispatcher and gave a description of both car and suspect.

The cashier was in tears now that the danger was over, the manager attempting to calm her down. When I came back in they locked the door, per their protocol. The black woman refused to stay...
The women turned to me and asked if I'd stay, at least until the police arrived.

I told them I wasn't going anywhere.

While I waited for the police to arrive I called in to work to tell them I'd likely be late...

The cops arrived within 5 mins. and we went through what happened, description of the man, the car, what was said...everything we could remember.

I know I could have stopped him, not necessarily shot him but held him until the police arrived. If he'd turned his "gun hand" on me I'd have fired, and at 6 ft. I doubt I'd have missed.

On the one hand I'm glad I didn't have to make that choice, on the other...

Made it into work with about 30 seconds to spare...
Then the questions started...rumor goes through the plant like shit through a goose.

By the time I got there I'd alternately been killed in a shootout at the restaurant, killed the guy before he could kill one of the girls, walked in on a rape, beat the guy and held him til the cops got there, or talked the guy into giving up his gun...take your pick!

The sad truth was I stood there like a lump, unable to intervene.
What bothers me most, what about the next restaurant...will they be as lucky? If he had a gun, will he have use it next time?

Someone may die because I was afraid of losing my job...THAT is why I'm both Pissed and Embarrassed!

Hope your Friday went better than mine.

Be Well My Friends!

Beastly Bear


  1. HOLY CRAP!!!!! Well. FIRST, I'm so happy that you're okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second, stop fucking stopping at places in fucking Flint. That place is a hell hole and you know it!!!! Third, you're most definitely NOT a lump! It's not your fault you can't carry a weapon into the plant and sadly, I understand why and given your post about that guy committing suicide at the plant, well, that's that. From now on pack your own lunch!!! This post scared me to death I can only imagine what you felt being there!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you're okay and I bet Mama Bear and Princess Bear are too!!!!!

    1. To clarify, I agree GM should NOT allow guns in the plant, but prohibiting me from keeping it in my car, in a locked/secured case while I am at work inside just bites.
      I know Flint bus a hole, but it was 10:30 am.....who the hell robs a restaurant at 10:30 in the morning?!?!?
      So grateful to have friends that care!!! Considered not telling them, but knowing my luck they'd show the security video on the news and I'd be busted AGAIN!

  2. It's not your fault if someone dies it will be because he's an armed gunman. You were very brave to follow him out and give a good description of the vehicle. Hopefully they will be caught before anyone gets hurt. I'm glad you lived to tell.

    1. Thanks MA! I was just so pissed, I wanted to make sure I gave the cops as much info as I could!!!
      Thank you for dropping by!

  3. That was VERY scary but you did the right thing in not intervening. Who knows what could have happened if he was armed? So glad you are OK! I hope they catch the guys.

    1. I keep telling myself that JoJo! Still eats at me though...

  4. Glad to hear you are OK. Anything could have happened if you had intervened. You did what you could considering the circumstances. I don't think you should beat yourself up about it.

    1. Thanks Kathy, I appreciate that...but I probably will!
      It's just how I'm put together I guess...

  5. So glad you are ok Joe. And I too thought you should 'stay outta Flint' and then I thought wait a dang minute, if all the good, paying folks stay away - we might as well turn out the lights. I hope they catch the no good thieving bastard, AND I hope his grandma beats him silly before and after the judge slaps his wrists! mm

    1. I do too Mary! Yeah, hard to stay away when ya work there! Lol
      And there really are warm, wonderful people there....we can't let the few idiots ruin it for everyone. That's why I carry, I refuse to be a victim or allow others to be victimized before me...bad timing. Lucky for him, at best he'd be sitting in prison.
      Brought home why you need to carry ALWAYS...

  6. So was reading this to Stanley the night you published it and asked him what he would have done. He said very honestly "I don't know", but I can tell you those type of things don't happen around here very often BECAUSE, we all carry guns all the time; to work, in our trucks, etc. So after thinking several moments more, he turned to me and said, "I would move the BLEEP out of Michigan!
    Glad you are ok Joe, maybe you should carry in your vehicle under the seat while parked in the parking lot. Like it or not that area is not what it used to be.

  7. I used to Jen, before I took this all anyone has to do (that I've pissed off for whatever reason) is tell management "Joe's got a gun in his car!" And some liberal Asshat will force a vehicle search, and then I'm fired.