Thursday, March 20, 2014

Things have gone to hell...

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Hi Folks!

Today Mama Bear and I took a sojourn to some local appliance stores to look for a new over-the-range microwave.

And through our travels it was noted that "Things just seem to have gone to hell!"

Brick and mortar stores are mere shadows of what they used to be...
And that's sad!

In our discussion I posited that Internet shopping has a large part to play in the decline...but there are some things that are just too tactile to buy without handling/seeing for yourself.

Books, DVD's, CD's all are just fine purchased over the Internet...

But there are things you just can't buy that way and expect more than a 50/50 chance of success.

Sure the Internet is great for getting specifications, doing some feature comparisons, finding the best price...

But what it won't tell you does it feel in your hand? Are markings highly visible? Does it feel solid, or cheap?

Now the problem is, each place we went offered around 40 different! In the store, no more than 12-15....

The store that disappoints me the most these days???


When I was a kid, Sears was the SHIT!

If Sears didn't sell it, BY GOD YOU DIDN'T NEED IT!

Tools, appliances, go carts, pets, furniture, guns, TV's, you name it!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen...

I notice an odd trend in brick and mortar stores these days....
that of space...and I don't mean the "Danger, Danger Will Robinson" kind of space!

I mean the "HELLO, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello" kind of space....
It just feels so "Empty"!

And it's not just Sears, but Electronics giant Best Buy too!

Been in one lately?!?
You used to be able to buy damn near any cable/accessory you could think of. Software, Movies, Music...even books. Refrigerators, washers/dryers, microwaves, telephones!
They hardly have any of that anymore...what they DO have...
is a lot of space. 

Oh sure they have a few "Representative" models...and "options may vary" and "See our complete selection online"!

Being a Technophile I enjoy the use of the Internet for many things...
But let me tell you, if I'm dropping $2500-$3500 on a refrigerator you can bet your ass I want to see that bitch in person!!!

So, in the end we found a microwave...saw a "Representative" model at Home Depot (not the right color, and it'll take 2 weeks to get one in White...REALLY?!?! You're F-ing kidding me right? I don't want red, or blue, or F-ing fuchsia!!! But White!!!) got online and found the best price ($30 cheaper at Sears than anywhere else) and ordered it online and shipped to the store free of charge...of course they didn't have one THERE!!! 

But in 5-8 days I can go right to the store and pick it up...if I can find my way in all that space...if I'm not back in a couple hours, send a search party.

I tell ya, things have just gone to hell!

Wow, I just realized how much I sound like an old fart!!! Lol
Oh, well...

Be Well!

Beastly Bear



  1. Ok, IF I ever was to write a "blog" this is definitely one of the things I would juxtapose, on the differences I see in the north and the south. As we travel around the various small towns in the south many a big box stores are at least a 45 minute drive away. So located next to the Tractor Supply in a small indiscreet plaza there is usually a store front...wait for it...SEARS! A small sears store that offers appliances, tools, a various sundry of lawn equipment, and a service department! Seriously! Go figure! Prices are typically on par or only slightly higher, but in Smalltown USA these little nuggets are alive and well. It does the heart good! And don't even get me started about the WASHER and DRYER store, yes a store dedicated to selling only washer and dryers located in a mobile home style building just off the town square. The appliances were $100.00 cheaper, free installation and haul away, as well as no hidden costs like hoses.

    It is unfortunate our area has just not supported those type of stores. You are not dating yourself Joe. Your recollections are when Customer Service was a sense of honor. Life is cyclical, I hope this trend is as well.

    1. Stop with this "if ever" business and jump in Jenny! I'm sure you can come up with plenty of material, as I do from the funny crap that happens everyday! Plus with two young boys that are material "factories" you're about set. Add that to the whole "Yankee down south" thing and you can write for years and never repeat a topic!

  2. Joe, I've read each and every one of your blogs, I read them to my mama bear every night , we crop up in your stories every once in a while .... lofao......and you are right on accurate in your descriptions and are able to phrase then the most amusing and interesting way. Don't worry about writer's block, we'll read what ever you blog. You are doing a great job giving your running commentary of human interactions you have encountered . ( You are giving you book material away for free)..... anyway we'll try to continue doing strange and comical
    things and keep you posted. Keep up the great work, even Robbin Williams has an off day.
    PS keep rotating the bears, now that we know the code we get it and enjoy the intense effort
    you are putting into this whole project. Lot's of love, Bob & Cheryl

    1. Bobert!!! Thank you so much for your kind words. It does my heart good that you guys would take the time to read my ramblings...and more so that you enjoy them!
      Give your mama bear a squeeze for me, and thank her too! I really wasn't complaining, I've gotten more page-views than I ever expected...I was just observing the quirkyness of what is popular, and wondering why. Love you guys!!!

  3. Very true. There are so many things that the stores don't stock now. They have them online and you can have them shipped to the store free, but if you want to pay a little more you can ship it right to your door. I can't blame you. If you are going to spend that kind of money you want to be able to see it with your own eyes and touch it. I guess I am an old fart too because I can't wrap my head around reading digital books either. I want to hold the book and turn the pages, although I am open to digital magazines...because once I have browsed through it, I am done. The book I probably will read again especially if I bought it. It is what bookshelves are for! ♥

    1. While I adore books, I have really taken to my kindle! It doesn't really save me any money though, because if I really like a book or series I buy them in hardcover as well! But there's nothing like having a library with you, and the kindle allows me to do that...

  4. Don't get me started on my 'as god as my witness I'll never shop at Sears again' rant. Best Buy is really lame now too; they used to have tons of CDs and DVDs but not anymore. Remember Circuit City? They were great too, but went bankrupt and closed. Now Radio Shack stores are closing in droves. I'm like you, I want to see a major purchase in person.

  5. I just went to a Radio Shack and they pissed me off! I asked if they had a female USB to male Micro USB cable. First they looked at me like I was an idiot, said I don't think they make anything like that...I replied I had seen them online. Well what are you trying to do they asked. When I said I wanted to expand my tablets memory by hooking a flash drive to it.
    They said "Yeah, you can't do that..."
    Funny thing, bought the cable hooked up the flash drive, downloaded an app. And bingo, works like a charm!!! I remember when you went to Radio Shack for technical help....
    Not stupid looks and "Duhhhhhh....."