Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Being Sgt. Schultz....

Den of the Beastly Bear

Hi Folks!

Ok, the title is an obscure reference to a comedy show that takes place in a WWII concentration camp, but bear with me. If you watched "Hogan's Heroes" you'll get it!

So my Boss came to me with a quandary...but first a little back story.

Here in the Detroit Metro area we have a website called Backpage.

Think Craigslists' bluer brother...when Craigslist tightened constraint's on "personals" the "friends for hire" moved to Back page.

It has been on the news a lot here lately as a couple of escourts were murdered by a man they made an appointment with.

So my Boss tells me he and a buddy were having a few beers over the weekend, when talk turned to current events. 

When they hit upon the "Backpage Murders" each asked the other if they had ever looked at any of the ads there? Both being single consenting adults.

So they got out the laptop to go exploring! 

And explore they did...until they came across the daughter of another buddy they used to work with!
They'd met her enough to recognize her!

Her ad said she was "adventurous" and "open minded"(you know what THAT means, right? Lol), and that her company could be had for $100 a half hour or $175 for an hour! (She discounts!!!)

At first they couldn't believe it could be her...so they went to her Facebook page and sure enough there were some of the same pictures as for the ad, though of course she had used a different name!

Their quandary is this: Tell or don't Tell?

The daughter is in her 20's and they don't know if she still lives at home or not as the ad said "out call only".

Now as a father I think I'd want to know, on the other hand would I want my buddies to be the ones to tell me?!?

Then there is the "Well what the HELL were YOU doing going through ads for 20yr. Olds?!?" Factor.

Finally, they took the cowards way out and decided they saw nothing!  Lol

Like Sgt. Schultz!!! "I know nothing, NOTHING!!! I see nothing!!!"

So let's hear it folks, would you tell your friend if you found out their daughter was earning money the oldest fashioned way? 

Be Well!

Beastly Bear


  1. Unfortunately Joe your buddies are a sad commentary on what is wrong with society. And not because they have to scour the "blue section" and pay for a piece of ass or a blow job either! Because they suffer from a syndrome called "We don't want to get involved" "We might offend our friend" "it is none of our business" "We would be emabarrassed".

    I would think it would be far worse going to my friends daughters funeral, when her "part-time" secret job goes terribly awry; knowing that you knew what she was doing and said nothing. Yeah, that wouldn't be awkward at all would it?

    Anyone that has children or a conscience knows that being twentysomething doesn't make that person any less your child, or negate a parents obligation to protect their child if possible. And the coming generations need our help more than any, they just don't get it.

    Tell your buddies something for me, next time they "hook up" maybe they can pay the person to find their balls while they are down there too!

    Funny story, but what a couple of spineless idiots.

  2. Anonymous, thanks for weighing in! I COMPLETELY agree with you...not my buddies, MY BOSS! LOL!
    He says to me last night "I got a quandary for you," he told me the story and asked "what would you do?!?" I basically told him the same thing you said, and he told me they decided to puss out, I told him he was a coward!

  3. You know me Joe, never without an opinion!

    1. Jenn, did you forget to sign again??? LOL

    2. Yes sir, I did!

  4. Given the fact that this is a very dangerous way to hook up with people, the friend should be told. And once it's explained that they were all curious and talking about the backpage murders anyway so they decided to see what was going on, on that page. That's when they saw her picture.

    1. I agree JoJo, I even suggested creating a hotmail or gmail one time use email address and just anonymously email the friend a link to her ad!

  5. If you know them that well, confront them directly. Tell them that they need to inform their parents (ie have the courage of their convictions; and not hide this from their parents) because in x amount of time you will be informing their parents on their behalf.
    That's all.
    As the other person said, you would rather have the 20 something mad at you and alive then have to attend the funeral when you knew and could have stopped it. That is a very hard guilt trip to live with.
    As a parent of 2 girls over the age of 21 I would want my friends to tell me about what my kid is doing while they are alive and have a chance to stop it then to find it out after they were killed.

    1. I'm with you Michael!!! I tried my best, but like trying to teach a pig to sing...all I did was waste my time, and annoy the pig!!!
      Thank you for stopping by and weighing in!!! I hope to see more of you!

  6. I would totally tell. It's so dangerous for young women out there doing this kind of thing. Tell, tell, tell!

    1. You are so right MiMi as the story that started them looking amply illustrates...if it was my buddy, he'd know as soon as I did!