Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Madness? Hell ya....I'm mad!

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March Madness is upon us!!!

That time of year when our 
TVs/News/Newspapers/Radios are consumed with College Basketball!

To say I could not care less would be an understatement! Let's say you took the amount I care and put it in a thimble, it would be like a tear in the ocean!!!! THAT is how little I care.

What I can't understand is why anyone else does???

Sure there is a certain affinity you may have for your Alma mater, but most of the guys I see losing their minds over this...may or may not have graduated HIGH SCHOOL!!!! PLEASE!!!

Yes, I understand the whole "bracket" thing...but I just don't get the level of investment they have in these teams!

I guess I am in the minority...I mean like black, Jewish, homosexual, double jointed, female astronaut with webbed toes minority!!!

I've never been a big "sports team" kinda guy!!! Rarely even watch televised sports. Oh, I'll watch football come fall...PRO football. Again, I have no interest or investment in college sports whatsoever!


One of my pet peeves (again there are many) is with sportscasters and the inane drivel they spout like it's the wisdom of the ages!!! Don't believe me?

Try paying attention the next time a game, any game is on. You'll hear such pearls of wisdom as these:

"Well Bob, if they hope to win they're going to have to maintain their lead" Captain Obvious.

"They're way behind at halftime Jim, they're going to have to score more points to pull out a win." Ya think?

"Larry, I talked to 'Superstar X' before the game and asked him what their strategy was to win against such a formidable team. He told me they hoped to play hard and outscore them!" Wow, really?

The other thing that bugs the shit out of me is the fools that yell at the players on the television!!! 

At lunch I'll be sitting at my desk (which happens to be in the team room where the television is) working at my computer, sometimes whipping out this blog if I lost track of time. My back is to the TV. When I hear:




I turn around and say "You guys know they can't hear you, right???"

All I get are blank stares...like I'M the idiot here!!!

March Madness means something completely different to me. Instead of being Mad for Basketball.

I'm MAD that it completely disrupts EVERYTHING, like it's actually important or makes a damn bit of difference!

Just an extra bit of bullshit to distract the masses from the things that ARE important...but this is not a political blog so I'll leave it at that!

Because I work second shift I have to DVR the shows I watch (not that many), problem is the DVR doesn't know if Duke VS Harvard runs into overtime so I record 30-45 mins of a game I don't care about instead of my show!

It wouldn't be that big a deal if those shows were also available "On Demand", even though I'd have to suffer through commercials, I get my show!

Thank God for the Mp3 player in my car I don't have to listen to the DJ's talk incessantly about it!!!

Put this crap on the "Sports" channels, and leave network TV and radio alone!

March Madness? 


Be Well Folks!!!

Beastly Bear


  1. Boy Joe, you hit on a HUGE pet peeve of mine! SPORTS! I am totally flabbergasted at the amount of investment people put into sports. I realize in MI we have some animal themed sports teams, and that is about all of my sports knowledge, and don't want anymore. If you aren't a player, which incidentally all those over the top parents that enroll their kids in sports thinking their kid will have a shot someday "yeah, not so much"! Why so much investment? I mean really, if you aren't actually doing it, why would you want to watch others? And the amount of money that is thrown into the franchises is just shameful.

    People like soldiers, police officers. paramedics, firefighters, all eke out a mere poverty level income while risking life and limb for society. But over paid children are given bizzilion dollar contracts for playing a game! A Flipping Game! WTF is wrong with society? HUGE PET PEEVE here too my friend!

    1. Anonymous,
      Yep being paid millions for what is essentially a kids game!!! Just not right!
      While TRUE heroes scrape by, have their pay and benefits cut every time there's a budget shortfall! Then the same fools that are blowing a couple of hundred bucks on their basketball brackets, yet voted down the police/fire millage cry that "The streets aren't safe!!!" and "There's never a cop when you need one!" Yeah, they were laid off cause you'd rather bet on basketball than fund emergency services!!!

  2. Once again, I could have written this post. I haaaaaate basketball with a passion. I don't like my shows preempted for the stupid March madness games. And Russell is like you in that he doesn't like watching televised sports, although he will suck it up if I ask to watch a college or NFL or CFL game! But I also go up the wall with the vapid commentators. I usually yell at the TV, 'Thank you Captain Obvious!' And I do yell at the players and Russell says what you say, 'you know they can't hear you right?' lol

    1. LOL JoJo, my wife's cousin just commented on Facebook "It's only a month!" my reply was "Yeah, a month that seems like an eternity!!!"

  3. I was smiling throughout this post While I am no big follower of sports there is one exception. I was born and raised on the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame football. The campus is the next town over and I have been to some games...which was the bomb diggity! While I don't watch any other sports...when the Irish play football, this girl is in front of the TV screaming her fool head off and jumping up and down every time they score a touchdown. Doing a little dance. Yeah that is me! Loving me some Notre Dame football, love the campus, and my mom was the same way. When the game came on, life stopped at our house when I was growing up. I have no use at all for the commentators. They are a pain in my ass...but the game itself, watching the band, doing the wave between the 3rd and 4th quarter to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture and then singing along to the alma mater after the home games and the fight song...I am so into it!!! To me that is what makes the game fun to watch is screaming at the TV or at the players like someone who has just escaped from the nut house. That is the way I roll!! :D OK...got a little too overzealous about this post..but damn it was a good one!!!

    1. I have nothing against a good game! And if that's your thing by all means enjoy!!!
      What I object to if being force fed crap I care nothing about by every media outlet available while the mouth breathers at work scream at the TV!!!

  4. This is hilarious and right on with the sportscasters. Makes me want to watch a game with you just for laughs!

    1. You might not enjoy that as much as you think MA, as my wife will tell you I also pick apart the ridiculousness of nearly every commercial! I honestly wonder if they think we are idiots of that magnitude!!!

  5. Odd girl out here. I actually do like watching sports on t.v. but only two college football teams, BSU - my loves - and U of M because my daughter goes there. Other than that it is pro teams all the way but only football and hockey, and of course, my football team and hockey team both hail from Deeeetroit. I gotta' watch the Lions and the Wings. I just can't not. Not much into basketball, never have been. I always call it squeak ball because that's all you can hear is all those tennis shoes squeakin' across the court!

    1. I am perpetually hopeful for the Lions, however I'll be getting my affairs in order should they ever win the Superbowl, as that would surely be a sign of the Apocalypse!!! Haven't watched Basketball since the Pistons "Bad Boys" era some twenty years ago...even then I found talk of any strategy laughable! You mean keep the ball away from the other team, and put it in the hoop?!? That strategy?!? Lol!!!