Monday, March 24, 2014

That song's been driving me crazy...

Den of the Beastly Bear

Hi Folks!

You ever hear a song...and it just touches something inside you? Even though you heard it just a couple times, it stuck with you?

Here is the story of mine...

The year was 1979, my junior year of High School and I was at my part time evening job at Gells Sporting Goods.

Back then we played 104.3 WOMC on the radio in the store. It was a pop/current music station. It has since gone to an "oldies" format...which is a rant for another day...I mean how can Bob Segar be "oldies"!!!

Anyway, it was end of the day...a Friday night...and we were all hanging out while the manager counted out the drawer. One of my favorite programs was on the radio station, were the DJ would play obscure and seldom heard songs that he personally loved.

This song came on, the melody quite haunting...
The song was about a fox that lived in the woods, that was afraid to leave because she knew it was dangerous in the meadow. One day she got up her courage and ventured out. Just as she was enjoying the smells and sights she heard the scream of an eagle, and knew she could never get back to cover in time.
As the eagle's shadow blocked out the sun, she prepared for the worst.

Instead of killing her the eagle explained that he was so lonely, and if she would come with him he could show her such sights!

The song was beautiful! And it touched me!!!

I waited for the DJ to repeat the name of the song, or the I had been talking and missed it when he introduced it. He never did. I asked everybody I worked with "Did you hear that song? Who sings it? Do you know?" No one did.

I thought about that song all night...I had to know.

Back then, I had not become the beastly bear...instead I identified with Raptors. My CB handle was the "Silver Falcon". I fantasized about owning a golden eagle, read everything I could about them, researched what you had to do to own one and hunt with them.

So the next day I called the radio station and asked them if they knew the name of the song, they did not.
They suggested I call back during that DJ's show and ask him as he often brought his own music in. Fair enough, I'd try that.

He was off weekends, so I waited for Monday.

The DJ was on 6-10 and as 6 o'clock rolled around...wait a minute...that's a different DJ!!!
Well, maybe he was on vacation...I'll try tomorrow.
A whole week went by, next week he was still not back! So I called the station again...

"Oh, we're sorry. He no longer works here, he took a job at a station in Chicago."

"Do you know which one?" I asked hopefully.

"No, I'm sorry...I don't." Damn!

So I tried the local record store, yes I'm old enough to remember record stores!!! All I got were blank stares...

I went every place I could think of that sold music, no one had a clue what I was talking about.

Years went by, I never gave up...

A line from the song haunted me...
"Please do not fear me for I will not harm you, no matter what others may say, though it is true that our lives should not mingle, I'm in need of some friendship today."

When the Internet became available I Yahoo'd, I Googled, I searched every permutation of "fox and eagle" I could think of with no luck. 

Eventually I came to believe I may never find it...
Oh, every now and then I'd try my search again...but I held out little hope.

Then last May, I tried trying a lyric search for a song including "fox and eagle" and I got a hit!


It said do you mean "I am the Eagle" by Rhett Davis, 1976?

Holy shit! I don't I searched for Rhett Davis, and got to his web site, sure enough he had music samples...I played "I am the Eagle"...

As soon as the melody started I knew...


I listened to it over and over, my 34 year search was through, I had my song!!!

Of course I ordered a CD, emailed him and told him the story...he wrote back thanking me for my dedication, and sent a signed copy!

I make everyone listen too it, I'm sure Mama Bear is sick to death of hearing it!

I don't care!!!! It took me 34 years to find my song, I'm playing it Dammit!!!!

I include it here for your enjoyment, I hope you like it!

Over the years I became more the lumbering bear than the swift powerful eagle...but I found something that caught my eye as this song caught my ear.

I feel it reflects the duality of my nature, I found it at a store that sold Native American art work. It is on a 10" X 10" ceramic tile...somehow the camera doesn't quite do it justice.

Needless to say, it is a prized possession!

Be Well Folks!

Beastly Bear


  1. I, too, have heard songs like one time and they stayed with me for years. Thank god for the internet eh? I have never heard that song, but in 1976 I was listening to top 40 radio and this never would have been played. It almost sounds like a song that'd be used in a wilderness movie.

    1. I think everyone does JoJo! Music just touches us can bring either joy or tears and sometimes laughter! Hope you enjoyed it!

  2. Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe... You needed only to ask Moi.. I have heard that song. I heard it back then, I loved it then, I love it still... I think it was on an album my brother had. :)

  3. Well I'll be damned!!! If I'd only known you'd have saved me countless hours of searching, and wondering if I had actually heard it...or made it up in my head, it seemed THAT elusive!
    It is beautiful isn't it???

  4. I am glad you finally found it!!