Saturday, April 19, 2014

20 foot courage and Anonymous bravery....

Den of the Beastly Bear

Hi Folks!

I need to buckle down...skipping days and all, and I was doing so well!!!

Thursday's post produced quite a few comments...both in support and some not so pleasant. That's fine, and only what you can expect when blogging and putting things "out there".

What amuses me is, without exception all negative comments come from "Anonymous".

Call me crazy, but that just seems so cowardly to me.

I mean if you're going to make personal attacks, nut up and put your name to it! I don't hide behind a nomme de plume, my name is right there at the bottom of the page...if you're gonna make personal attacks shouldn't you do the same?

In my everyday life I call this "20 foot courage"...

It's amazing how polite and respectful people are...within arms reach.

Step away 20 feet and suddenly they're Superman!

When I was bouncing I saw this all the you are putting them out of the bar they're very demure.
When they're getting in their car, all of a sudden they're gonna "kick your pussy ass mother fucker!!!"
just before they close AND LOCK their door to drive away!

You just gotta chuckle, shake your head and walk away...if that makes them feel better about themselves, so be it.

But we both know the truth.

The Internet gives "those people" a fresh outlet.

I've only been blogging since January, and for the most part everyone has been wonderful to me...kind and supportive, and I thank you all!

But over the years, following other blogs and reading forums I notice a preponderance of "Anonymous" Trolls.

If you see a downright nasty post or personal attack you can bet money it's some basement dwelling clown, who's an embarrassment to his parents, hiding behind a pseudonym and an avatar!!!

I even notice this on Facebook, either it's friends of friends, or somebody you know or knew but lives a thousand miles away now.

Had a fellow I went to school with, "Lyle". Nice fella, not very big and a bit nerdy but I liked him. He was a "satellite friend" orbiting our group of friends. On more than one occasion more athletic students sought to bully Lyle and I made it a "screw with him, you screw with me" deal and said bully would move on to easier pickings.

Lyle went on to become a Dentist and now resides in Texas.

It seems Lyle took exception to a second amendment post I placed on my page. Instead of intelligent discourse, our mild mannered little dentist went on a hate filled, derogatory, name calling and vicious personal attack/rant.

When another of our group that considered Lyle a friend, asked if maybe he wasn't being a bit "harsh", Lyle answered with a resounding "FUCK YOU!" and defriended us both. No great loss.

Now I can almost guarantee you, face to face it would have been a much subdued Lyle...yet because of the Internet and distance, he felt more than comfortable being a vicious little shit.
You can't blame the Internet, it is just a tool...
Instead it speaks to the character of the user.

Well that's my 2 cents worth...

Be Well Folks!

Beastly Bear


  1. I couldn't agree more! I have never posted a disagreeable post without my name and face attached. I stand by my words and expect the same from others.

    1. Me either Jo! But then I rarely say something nasty unsolicited on a post, however if you ask what I think I'll tell you.

  2. I have seen thins many times...the 20 foot rule. I like it.

    1. Hello again joeh! I also like the snotty parting comment, then block you so you can't reply...that's always a classy move too! Lol

  3. You are such a bitch.

    1. Hey Anonymous, so are you! Go read a different blog or shut up!

  4. By the way you spelled Reading Forums wrong!

    1. Hey, Thanks for the help with the spelling error...and proving my point!

    2. Actually Anonymous that statement should read...

      Furthermore, you spelled Reading forums incorrectly!

      Furthermore indicates more information. When there is a spelling error it is incorrect, not WRONG!

      I suppose you could use your original sentence; however, it is in fact terribly elementary. But if doing so at least punctuate your bitching correctly, please.

      "By the way, (COMMA) you spelled Reading Forums wrong!


  5. Hey Joe, Carrie and I have been reading your blog for some time now and I think the content is great. Forget what the Anonymous peeps say. Keep on keeping on.

    1. JPL I appreciate it, tell Carrie I said "Hi" and give my love to the kids!
      Don't worry, they're about as troubling as a cloudy day! :-)

  6. Joe, you should disable the anonymous comments option. That will make the coward that gave you shit either go away or reveal his/her real name. Plus it cuts down on spam on older posts,.

    1. I hate to have to do that JoJo, some folks don't have or want Google+ accounts and I hate to keep them from commenting just to silence a single nay sayer!

  7. The best thing about those kind of comments is that you have the power to hit the delete button. Love that button personally although I have never had a troll per se I have had a comment or two that pissed me off, so I turned to my handy dandy delete button. Out of site and out of mind with a resounding fuck you salute. LOL

    1. I'd rather not go that may mistakenly convey the message that I cared, or that they mattered! :-)
      Or that I can't handle a little criticism...
      I do find it cowardly to take cheap shots when you're not brave enough to leave your name...if you got the balls to say, have the balls to own up to it!

  8. Well, as everyone who knows me, knows.. I've got the biggest balls on planet earth and it doesn't matter if I'm 2 inches from your face or 2000 miles away. If I've got something to say you're definitely going to know about it and what a douche bag Anon is. To actually point out a spelling error and call you a bitch on top of it but can't sign their fucking name? Seriously? No guts no glory - bitch! - As for Lyle he decided he'd rant on my Facebook fan page and I blocked his ass. That guy is a fucking tool!