Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fearless....well, almost!

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Hi Folks!

Late again! (Tuesday's)
Whatcha gonna do?

As I got home last night I saw something that spurred a memory.

I have told you all of "Tasha the wonder dog", our Australian Shepherd of many years.

She was Fearless!!!

My Father-in-law lives "up north", which in Michigan means anywhere above the "thumb". He used to lease a portion of his property to a neighbor for the purpose of grazing their cattle.

We would take Tasha with us when we'd go up to visit.

Never having had a lick of training Tasha would take to herding those cows like a fish to water.
Not my Tasha, but you get the idea..
Now you would think, being a "city" dog, she would have been intimidated by 1500 pound cows! Not so!

From the first she saw them she ran, full speed out to where they were and proceeded to "work" the herd.

While she did fear my anger if she was "bad" she never feared me. If Kaitlin was in trouble as a little girl, she would get between us to keep her safe.

If Kathy and I were arguing, she would lay across her lap and bare her teeth if I raised my voice too much.

But like any superhero, she had her Kryptonite!


This fearless, cow herding dog was TERRIFIED of bunnies! Soft, fuzzy, harmless little bunnies!!!

It started one day when she was a little over a year old. She went to the door to be let "out" to do her business.

It was springtime and we just had the screen door between us and the great outdoors. As I got to the door and looked out, I saw a small rabbit out by the tree in our yard.

The yard was open, and the tree was twenty yards from the I figured the rabbit would have plenty of time to escape.

"Tasha look! A Bunny!!!"

She lowered herself, squeaked in anticipation...and when I opened the door she launched herself full speed!!!

Now what was going through this little bunnies head, I have no idea but it just sat there, munching away at the patch of clover beneath the tree! Unconcerned!

As Tasha got closer, the bunny turned to face her...still not the least bit afraid. Maybe too young to know that her doom approached at lightning speed!

When Tasha was within about 2 feet, the bunny launched itself about three feet...straight up in the air, doing a backflip!!!

This so startled Tasha she skidded to a halt, reversed direction and tore turf in an effort to get away from this frightening little creature!

The bunny, now feeling safe went back to munching clover.

For her part Tasha ran all the way back into the house, at the same speed at which she left...until she was behind my leg. Only to peer around me to bark her displeasure at being scared!

From that point on, for the rest of her life she refused to go out if there was a bunny in the yard.

My fearless "wonder dog"...
Laid low by a pound and a half of furry kryptonite!

Be Well!

Beastly Bear


  1. How wonderful! I love bunnies and we have lots of them. My little lap dog, Bichon, Sadie believes the babies are squeak toys. She has killed nearly every baby bunny born inside our fence for 11 summers. Makes me very sad. I think most of the momma bunnies have learned that this cute little killer will "play" with their children and finally have not nested inside the fence for a year or so. Our last dog was not a killer and would actually lay with the bunnies under the pine trees. Once she even brought babies into the house, one at a time and put them in her bed. I returned them all at once, to their nest and blocked the door so she couldn't repeat. She was not pleased with my actions.

    1. Our current is like your Sadie! Bunnies live in fear of Mocha!!!

  2. What a cute story!!! It was like a cartoon! I could just hear Tasha, 'YIKE! YIKE! YIKE!' Maybe she ran into the REAL Bugs Bunny? "Of course you know this means war."

    1. I couldn't stop laughing JoJo!!! I told her she was a big chicken, she just squeaked looked back outside and barked until the bunny left.

  3. Oh I'm with Tasha! I don't like "bunnies" either! Ugh! Bulging eyes, big 'ol teeth, CLAWS! There is nothing warm n' fuzzy about "bunnies!"