Friday, April 4, 2014

IS water wet?!?

Den of the Beastly Bear

Hi Folks!

Well, it's Friday and I couldn't be happier about it!

The Boss really pissed me off last night.

He asked me a question akin in simplicity to:

"Is tap water wet?"

I responded with "Of course it is, yes"

"Then I want you to run three trials, just to make sure!"

Now folks I've got enough on my plate keeping the Body shop running without him "make working" me to prove a given!!!

This seems to be a common failing among disconnected middle management. It seems that no matter what your answer, they're default opinion is:
"Somehow he's trying to fuck me!"

Even if you agree with their opinion. If you acquiesce too quickly then they want to rethink their position because "He only agreed because he's got an angle!"

If you disagree, then they are that much more certain that they are right. Because you just disagreed to get out of doing something.

Now if it were me, and I had an employee that did whatever I asked, whenever I asked it and suddenly this guy says "Wait a minute, this is stupid...why are we trying to prove a given."
I might want to rethink my position.
But hey, that's just me I guess!

So I sucked it up and ran his damn trials...
And guess what?
Yes...water is, in fact...wet!!!  



Be Well!

Beastly Bear


  1. It's scary how these people get put in positions of power over people who are clearly more qualified and smarter.

    1. It's the assumption that college makes you doesn't, it makes you educated! Two VASTLY different things!!!

  2. I have never understood HOW people like this got into the positions they are in. Clearly they kissed someones ass an awful lot because they aren't there for brains or qualifications. :P

    1. Hi Kathy, they must go through a TON of ChapStick!!! Lol

  3. I'd like to see that report on my email in 30 mins. We'll have a meeting first thing next week to discuss your findings. Thank you. Oh, if you could make a PPP over the week-end, that'd be great. Power Point Presentation, in case that was Greek.
    *getting back to my puzzle game and clearly dismissing you*

    1. Hi Jo, welcome back! Mine is more the trolling for dates on Facebook type...but you got the rest pretty close! Lol

  4. They get big $$$ to sit at their desks and order the smart, hard working, lowly paid employees to do the projects for them. Then they get another promotion and more $$ for a job well done by you.

    1. Hi Michelle, good to see your smiling face again! Yes, I get a lot of, draw this up, write that out, give me a plan to accomplish X! I think his bosses are on to him though, the last project he had me do his boss came to me after he presented it and asked me "That was all you right? Cause I KNOW he didn't do that!" Did my heart good! Lol

  5. What is wrong with people???? And I too have to wonder, how the hell did this guy get this position of employment??? And, what kind of work did he do before this??? Weirdos!