Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Clearly, I didn't think this through...

Den of the Beastly Bear

Hi Folks!

It's true...I didn't think this whole "going in to work for 12 hours every day" this week thing through!!!

If only I worked days, this would not be a problem.
Or if I lived closer to work.

But, on second shift going in 4hours early means leaving the house at 10am to be there to start at 11.
Then I get out at 11, and don't get home til midnight.

My usual, is up til 3-4 before going to bed...then up by 10. You see my problem here? Lol

Now while I don't really "slave" over these missives, I do try my best to make them cohesive and relatable.

Oft times what I thinks in my head, doesn't make it to the page! Lol

So I write, read, repair, read, rewrite, reword, reread,
publish, find another mistake, edit, *heavy sigh* and THEN share!

So depending on my inspiration, interruptions, and initial accuracy...it takes a couple hours to pen one of these. 

I find I'm really enjoying these...and not being able to get one down, will put me in a "funk".

So I'm gonna try folks, to get these out! 

They may be late (like this is Mondays), and brief sometimes...but things should be back to normal Saturday!

So "Bear" with me...cause clearly I didn't think this through!

Be Well!

Beastly Bear


  1. If every choice I have made had been thought through more carefully, I might have saved myself many headaches not to mentions the heartaches...but then I'd have had to miss the dance!

  2. I could never work shifts like that anymore! I worked at a law firm that really wanted their employees to work 4 10 hour days rather than 5 8 hour days. I opted for 5 days.

    1. JoJo, I LOVED the four 10's !!! Course, it cut my commute by 20%...plus gave me an extra day off!!! What was not to love?!?

  3. Think things through??? What is this foreign language you speak??? ;) It doesn't matter to me if they're late, I just enjoy the read! - Catching up my friend! I've missed you!