Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Rare and Enjoyable evening...

Den of the Beastly Bear

Hi Folks!

Yesterday after snow blowing 6 driveways, I just had a massive headache, and a little tummy trouble...and to be honest I just didn't feel like going in last night. 
So I called off!

This offered me a rare chance to go out for a weekday dinner with Momma and Princess Bear.

Princess Bear was beside herself last night, geeked over her newest tattoo. A white heart and cross on her wrist.
Those of you that know me, know that as well as longing for a time when men wore hats and women wore dresses. I also bemoan the fact that beautiful women feel the need to mark themselves up with tattoos!

Yes, I've heard all the arguments...
"It's their body, their choice..."
"It's wearable art..."
"It's how they choose to express themselves..."

I don't buy it!
I personally think it's a bit of a peer pressure/fad thing.
"Did you see so and so's tattoo? That's SOOOO cool, I want one!!!" Kind of thing!

I've said it before, on Facebook and in person, whenever asked!!!
"I have never looked at a beautiful woman and thought to myself 'You know what would make her that much hotter? If somebody would just draw a bunch of stupid shit all over her!'."

In fact I've seen tattoos ruin the looks of otherwise beautiful women!!!

I was at a Safari Club International benefit dinner and auction. I was perusing the silent auction items when I felt someone step up next to me. I turned to see a just stunning auburn haired, green eyed beauty next to me. Her makeup was artfully applied, understated and soft with a pale pink lipstick. The smile I recieved would have launched ships in centuries past! 
She wore a pale green, long sequined evening gown. 
It fit her fantastically! 
It had a midthigh slit in the side, that when she took a step, showed a shapely leg ending in some very classy silver high heeled, sandal style shoes that matched her silver clutch! I would have been completely smitten were it not for one thing. 

From between her big toe and the next, there sprouted a vine tattoo! It crossed her foot, twined around her ankle and up her shapely pale calf. The vine sported tri-lobed leaves and thorns. It was naturally colored, to wit, the leaves and vine were green, and a couple of thorns sported a drop of crimson red blood!
In that instant the whole look was ruined for me! She went from "classy" to "trashy" just that fast.

I wasn't thinking "I wonder if that vine represents the struggles she's endured in her life?"
I did not wonder at the skill of the artist, though it was nicely done and probably quite expensive as it looked very realistic.

Instead I thought "What a shame..."

Now I have to say, Princess Bear does her best to work around my feelings while still satisfying herself.
Of course she is an adult and can do as she pleases, but she has honored my requests to date. Those being:
  • Nothing on your neck/face.
  • Nothing that shows while wearing normal clothing.
  • Nothing that will show in your wedding dress. (Not that she'll be wearing one for a while...Dad can hope!)
  • Nothing below the thigh that would show in shorts.

 This one on her wrist is done in white ink, so should she wish to cover it up, a little makeup will hide it. It looks a little blue in the picture, that is residue from the stencil that will wash away!
Truthfully  now, does this look like it needs any extra ornamentation?!?

She also sports a butterfly on her hip and a flower on her ribcage so I'm not an ogre parent that demands she doesn't. Instead I say "I'd prefer you not..."

She claims she wants more...has even tried the "I want a bear paw on the other side of my ribs with the word "Daddy" inside!" To try and sway me... Lol.

And again I say : "You are a woman grown sweetheart, the choice is yours. I love you no matter what!"

We had a nice dinner, I enjoyed my rare evening home...and funny, once I called off my headache seemed to take on much less significance!!!

Be well folks!

Beastly Bear


  1. NOTHING, I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, you choose to do in your early twenties should be permanent!

    1. well thank you for your opinion anonymous.But i love my tattoos, my first being when i was 18 now at 22 i wouldnt change it for the world. And my mind will not change over time. when im old looking at my tattoos "damn i shouldnt have done that." will not be my thought. it will take me back to the days i got them and my awsome younger years. If you know me you no non of them were done by impulse, everyone of them were thought out and wanted for years not days or hours

  2. I've been under the impression that Princess Bear was still a little kid! She's beautiful! I have a couple of tattoos - a Grateful Dead dancing bear on my ankle and the ambigram of Earth Air Fire Water from the 'Angels & Demons' book on my low back (yes, the 'tramp stamp'). My fiance' doesn't mind them but I wouldn't get any more b/c he's not an ink fan at all.

    1. I'm sorry JoJo, I thought I'd said she was older, on previous posts. She is 22 and manages a gas station in a nearby town...she's already quite a lady!

  3. Well, I'm 50 Beastly Bear, well past the peer pressure/fad phase of life and like Princess Bear I have been thinking about my ink for years. I want my ink to tell a story to show the great loves of my life, the crazy side of my life and maybe a tear or two but Princess Bear is correct. It's not something done on impulse, it's years of thinking and planning. When I'm 100 I may not be able to tell my story to my grandbabies and great grands but my tats will. - So there Beastly! ;)

    1. Knew I'd hear from you on this one MiMi !!! Lol
      I can say my daughters have all been tasteful and well thought out, and the fact I didn't put up much of a stink shows just how wrapped she still has me... ;-)

  4. So far, all of mine who are over 18 have tatoos. I feel the same as you.

  5. The one thing about tattoos that people do not often think about is this - if you don't refresh the ink from time to time as you age, they don't look very good. My momma has one that she got over 30 yrs ago and she has never kept the ink up. Her once beautiful little red rose bud is no longer red and doesn't resemble a rose; the crisp black that outlined the green stem and leaf have all combined to a strange dark color. So something to think about if you have tats or are thinking about getting them.

    1. I'm sure she'll keep them up! It's the adding that worries me! Lol! That and just how long she'll honor dear old Dad's wishes!

  6. I am probably a really rare breed or a complete scaredy cat but I have no tattoos or piercings and have absolutely no intention of ever getting any. If God intended me to look like a fricking cartoon with a bunch of extra holes he would have made me that way. That is my story and I am sticking to it! LOL