Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day...

Den of the Beastly Bear

Happy Valentines Day Folks!

Still in the throws of my head cold, but I think I might be on the tail end...finally got a good nights sleep last night!

Mama Bear made me some of my favorite almond cookies for Valentines day! Thank you Babe!

Unfortunately I have to work tonight so we'll have to postpone Valentine's Dinner.

The romance of Valentines day reminds me of my first date with the woman that would become my wife.

We worked together at Perry Drugs, she in the office doing the paperwork for the drivers, me as a truck driver.

I had flirted with her off and on since she started there, but she had a boyfriend so nothing came of it.

We had a woman that worked at our warehouse that serviced the vending machines. Her name was Mary. She was there all day and quickly became friends with all the women that worked in the offices, as well as with the drivers.

One day after returning from a run, I was in the break room finishing up my logbook when Mary came in and set down with me at the table. We exchanged small talk for a while when Mary said:
"If I knew somebody that wanted to go out with you, would you want to know?"

"Well," I replied "that would depend on who it is..."

"What if I said it was Kathy, the girl that does your paperwork?!?"

"Doesn't she have a boyfriend?" I asked.

"Not for a while now..."

"I don't know Mary, I really tried to talk to her at the Christmas party, and she didn't seem very interested to me..."

"Things change, you should ask her out, I mean if you want to."

Well, of course I wanted too...I had after all been flirting with her, so off I went to give it a whirl.

I came upon her filling the drivers order pouches.

"Hi Kathy, big loads tomorrow?"

"No, not too bad...about normal"

"That's good. Hey I was wondering, if you're not busy Friday night...would you like to go out for dinner and a movie?"

"No thanks, I don't date people I work with...but thanks for asking."

I was gonna go kill Mary!!!

"Oh, um OK...Well if you change your mind..."

So I went back to finish up my paperwork, and thank Mary for setting me up to embarrass myself!

I was just getting ready to punch out when I felt someone walk up behind me, thinking it was someone else punching out I sidestepped out of the way.


I turned and there was Miss Kathy.

"If the offer's still open, I would like to go out with you Friday night..."

"Of course it is, I'm glad you changed your mind" I said.

We exchanged phone numbers, agreeing to pick her up about 7pm on Friday.

We had a very nice time, talked just a little work...not too much, the movie slips my mind, but we had a nice dinner. Well I did anyway, she didn't want to eat in front of me....guess that's a girl thing.

She even pretended not to notice too much when the straw of my Long Island Iced Tea caught on the sleeve button of my sport coat, tipping it over! With catlike reflexes I was able to save most of it from hitting the floor.... by catching it in my lap! 

Hey, I never said I was graceful!

I took her home, and was rewarded with a stellar "Goodnight" kiss.

The next day, feeling pretty good about the date, I stopped into the local florist.
Ordered up a dozen roses, replete with babies breath and this card:

I had a great time last night!
Hope we can do it again soon.

Thinking I had just made a nice, grand romantic gesture...

Except she avoided me at work for the next 2 weeks...

Had I somehow misinterpreted how the date went???

I did finally find out what was up....seems no one had ever sent her flowers before and she didn't  quite know how to respond.

Well, it all worked out in the end...been married 26 years now!

I hope someone makes a grand romantic gesture for you this Valentines Day!

Be Well!

Beastly Bear


  1. WOW that is so awesome! Lovely romantic story for Valentines Day! Hope you and your wife have a lovely night! ♥

  2. Aw what a sweet story!!!! Congratulations on your long marriage too! :)

  3. My sweet romantic man brought me a fresh custard donut for Valentine's Day. I don't like the waste of cut flowers, though I adore yellow roses, I prefer them on a bush. It was ultra sweet of him and exactly what I never expected, even after nearly 32 years of marital "bliss".
    B=blah blah blah (excess morning talking)
    S=sex (too much, not enough)
    S=simple (friends first, then partners and lovers)

    1. Yum, custard donut! I'll have to remember your "bliss"! Lol
      Thanks for stopping by Jo.

  4. Such a sweetie you are. :)