Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blogger sick day?

Den of the Beastly Bear

Hello Folks!

I knew it was coming last night...
Drainage, scratchy throat, stuffy head, headache...yep, head cold!

It hasn't stifled the mind, just my will to write it down.

Have to head into work, after getting up later than I'm pressed for time as well.

I'll try a full blown post later...
If not, I've taken a blogger "sick day"! Lol!

Is that even a thing? If not I'm inventing it...please send all royalties to !!!

Hope YOU are all well!

Beastly Bear


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks JoJo, the way work went there wasn't a spare moment to get anything done. I usually start writing a little after I get up, but slept late and lacked motivation this AM. Better luck tomorrow!!!

  2. Head colds suck! Hope you get to feeling better soon!! ♥