Sunday, February 16, 2014

Daddy/Daughter Night...

Den of the Beastly Bear

Morning Folks!

I've never understood guys that call spending time with their own children "babysitting", it's not babysitting ya douche bag...they're YOUR kids!!!

*deep breath*

Ok, that out of the way....
I always enjoyed time spent, just Princess Bear and me!

I remember once, she was about 3 or 4 (which to me was that perfect "sweet spot"! You know, old enough to not need diapers and tell you exactly what they want, yet young enough that Daddy still hung the moon and other boys are "ichy"!)

Mama Bear had a "night out" with some friends so Princess and I were left to our own devices.
Being a doting Daddy, I asked Katie what she wanted for dinner.
"Anything?" She asked
"Anything baby..."
"Can we get Taco Bell?"
I said sure and I bundled her into my pickup and off to Taco Bell we went. Now anybody that knows me, also knows I hate Taco Bell! But I sacrifice for my girl...

We ate there, Katie had a hard taco kids meal...I suffered through a couple soft steak tacos.

On our ride home Katie says:
"Daddy, my tummy hurts."
Now this didn't concern me much as Katie was not above faking not feeling well for extra cuddles, but still you gotta be sure.
"Do you think you ate too much?"
"Do you think you ate too fast?"
"Huh unh."
"Do you think a cuddle would help?"
She got a big smile and said "Yes"
So I put my arm around her and cuddled her as close as her booster seat would allow. But persisted...
"When was the last time you went potty today?"
"At Laurie's..." Laurie was her babysitter, so before she was picked up so that would be before 4pm, it was after 8 now and she'd just finished eating a little over a half hour ago.
"You think that might be the problem? I asked her.
"Well when we get home why don't you change into your nightie and see if maybe you can't go potty and maybe that will help your tummy, ok"
"Ok" she said "Daddy?"
"Yes baby?"
"I love you!!!" This was another favorite game. I loved it too! Shhhhhhh, that's a secret.
"Love you too baby!"

When we got home, she went to change and I let Tasha the wonder dog out to do her business. As I let Tasha back in Katie emerged from her bedroom wearing her short nightie, gave a little twirl to watch it spin out and said "All done Daddy"
"Did you put your dirty clothes away?"
"Ok then why don't you go back to the bathroom and see if you can go potty before bedtime, ok?"
"Ok Daddy" and off she went, typical 90 or nothing running down the hall with Tasha in tow.
"No running..." I ineffectually called down the hall behind her. "And wash your hands when you're done!" 

I sat down, picked up the remote and started searching for something we could snuggle and watch together until it was time for bed.
It seemed to be taking her a long time...and she was at that age where she loved playing in the water, loving the way it felt when it ran over her hands. 
So I stealthily started down the hall, thinking that's what I'd catch her doing. I was almost to the bathroom and I thought I heard water splashing....gotcha!

Just as I got to the door Katie came out with the hem of her nightie held up stomach high creating a bowl....filled with puke!
She looked up at me and said:
"Daddy, don't be mad...I got sick..."
About that time Tasha the wonder dog appeared from the bathroom covered in puke from the top of her head, down one whole side of her body, walked to the middle of the hall....and shook! Ugh!
"TASHA!!!" Oh my god it went everywhere!!!
"It's Ok, let's get you out of that dirty nightie and cleaned up..." 
Back into the bathroom I stripped off the nightie careful not to spill...and tossed it in the tub, got the dog to hop in and closed the shower doors confining the damage she could do. Got Katie cleaned up, changed into a fresh nightie and put to bed. A bucket next to her bed, with the admonition that if she felt sick again to "use the bucket".
Back down to the bathroom, turned on the shower and got the dog depuked, before rinsing out the nightie after emptying it's contents into the toilet. Toweled the dog dry, wrung out the nightie and put it over the curtain rod to dry.

I was just coming up the hall when I heard:
"DADDY???........UUUUURRRRPPP!!" Splat!!
"Oh no..."
As I walked into Katie's room she was sitting up in bed, puke down the fresh nightie and all over the bedding...
"Katie, why didn't you use the bucket honey???"
"I tried Daddy..."
"Ok,'s just stand up and get that nightie off, we'll get you a clean one..."
So I got her cleaned up again, stripped off the bed and remade it while she sat on the couch with the bucket between her legs.
Then back to bed, while I shook out the sheets in the tub, and put them in the washing machine and started it.
Wiped down the walls and the ceiling...damn dog.
Back up the hall.
"Daddy....I think...UUURRRRPPP!"
SHIT! I'm running out of nighties and sheets!
"Awww baby, did you get sick again?"
"Unh huh...but I used the bucket..."
"Oh good job sweetheart..."

And that's how the rest of my night went, every 
20 min. on the 20 min. All. Night. Long.

Kathy got home about midnight and asked:
"How was your Daddy/Daughter night?"
"Oh you owe me big time!" I chuckled, shaking my head.

About three months later I had to close our bedroom door to get to the breaker panel(it was behind our bedroom door for some reason) when a piece of taco shell fell on my shoulder. "What the...???"
Oh god the dog!!! When she shook...crap went everywhere!!!

Thankfully other Daddy/Daughter days went much better! Love my little Katie Bug!

Be Well Folks!

Beastly Bear


  1. Poor, poor Katie Bug. You're a big boy, no sympathy there.
    We spent one New Years Eve with two puking granddaughters. One 2 months old and one 2 years old. They took turns all freakin night puke, clean up rinse and repeat! I did have a grandpa to hold the cleaned child while I mopped and washed, but I finally said, "you hold the baby, I got this one. No more lying in clean beds!"
    It was a long and stinky night.

    1. No sympathy needed Jo, at least I can handle the puke...Kathy can't!!! She'd have had to clean up after herself each time as well as after Katie! Lol. What really cracked me up was the 3 month old taco shell!!! WTH? LOL!

  2. And those would be the kiddo days I *don't* miss.. Eeeww.. Poor Katie, was it the tacos??

    1. I never knew, because we didn't get the same thing....she still didn't feel great the next day but the vomiting was over by midnight when Kathy got home and she was finally able to get some sleep!

  3. One of the many reasons I didn't have kids......But I still blame Taco Bell. I haven't eaten there since about 1993 and it made me sick.

    1. I do too, for years I couldn't ever eat there as I thought their meat had the consistency and taste of sawdust!!! Not until they offered chicken and steak could I ever do it!