Monday, February 24, 2014

Carry on ladies...

Den of the Beastly Bear

Howdy Folks!

*heavy sigh* Well, it's Monday again....
And once again my retirement numbers did not materialize so it's off to work again today for me.

Ladies, today's blog is aimed mainly at you.
Every day on the news I see women attacked, raped, sometimes killed...and my blood boils.

Men that prey on women are cowardly pieces of shit, period.

Ladies what I'm asking you to do today is to arm yourselves!

"But Bear," you say "I don't like guns!" Or  "I don't have time to train" or "I have small children in the home" or "Don't I need to go through a lot of red tape?"

Well calm down ladies...I'm not talking about a gun.
(Though I think you should get one!)

The first thing you need to do is to arm yourself with:

Be aware! As you leave a attention to who walks out when you do. If you're getting a hinky "vibe" off somebody, TRUST IT! That's your sub conscious warning you that you are on a predators radar.

Have your keys in your hand BEFORE you walk out, don't stop at your car to dig through that suitcase you call a purse to try and find them, while you do you are vulnerable.

Pay attention to the cars/people near your vehicle. Are people lingering when they shouldn't be? The vehicle parked next to yours, is it empty? Are the doors not fully closed?

I see so many women leaving stores and restaurants, walking head down talking on their cells, oblivious.
Heads up! Look around! Be aware!

Second: carry a knife...ON YOU!

I am constantly amazed how few women even OWN a knife, let alone have one close to hand.


There is no more useful piece of equipment when the shit hits the fan than a knife. 

Yes, a gun will keep you from being abducted...and I fully advocate carrying, but once you have been taken a knife will allow you to cut your bonds and defend yourself up close and personal.

The first thing an abductor will do is separate you from your purse, because he knows that is where you keep your phone/mace/whistle whatever might help you.

This is why you must carry it on your person!

As very few women do, you will then have the element of surprise.

"But Bear," you ask "where will I carry it? Some of my pants don't even HAVE pockets!"

True, but you all wear a bra! There are very light weight, thin knives available with a clip on the side that will clip right between the cups. Resting there unobtrusively until needed.
Or with the removal of three screws, ultra thin to slide into a front or rear pocket.

In defense of your life, a hard deep slash to either side of the neck to sever the Carotid artery, under the arm blade facing up cut deep the inside of the arm severing the Axillary artery. Or deep cut to the inner thigh to sever the Femoral artery.

When not in defense of your life, you can cut ropes, tape, electrical wires, or zip ties. It can be used to jimmy a door. Loosen dirt, dig through walls. Cut clothing for bandages. Sharpen a stick/broom handle into a makeshift spear.

When you carry a knife for self defense, use it only for that purpose. Make sure it's razor sharp, and keep I that way by not opening boxes etc. with it. Buy an everyday knife for that.

Before you carry, check your local/State laws as everywhere differs on length of blade allowed to be carried concealed on your person, but even an 1½ blade is useful! Of course carrying on a plane is forbidden so you'll have to pack it in your checked baggage if flying.

There may not be a sheepdog around when the wolves show up, defend yourselves ladies.

Carry one!

And carry on Ladies!

Be Well!

Beastly Bear


  1. This is some excellent advice. Wish I would have read it BEFORE I had been raped. I might have been able to slice the shit out of him before I ran. On the upside, thanks to my testimony the cops got him and he went back to prison where he belonged. ♥

    1. Kathy,So sorry you had to go through that...
      I'm glad they arrested him and put him back in a cage!

  2. Excellent advice for women and well appreciated!

    1. Thank you Michelle, and thanks for dropping in! Come back anytime! ;-)

  3. Great advice. I learned most of this pretty early on as I went to college in Boston. I also lived in San Francisco, worked in Berkeley and Tacoma. Got to keep your wits about you....even in a mall parking lot in your small town. A lot of whackos out there.

    1. Glad you got an early can never be TOO careful! ;-)

  4. I just picked up a S&W bodyguard for Anna this weekend. All she needs now, is the training.


    1. Awesome Pat, I'm sure she'll enjoy that!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks are ya doing? Haven't seen you in a few....

  6. I give my daughter jewelry that has weapons in them. My favorite is her spider necklace with is actually a knife and her bracelet that is piano wire. She has her own knife collection and is amazingly accurate and quick in her skills. I feel sorry for anyone who messes with her because they will be in for the fight of their life.

  7. Good for you, and doubly good for her!