Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snowfall and grudges...

Den of the Beastly Bear

Hey Folks!

I'm not a prick! Really....I'm not!!!

But here's the thing: if I'm going out of my way to do something nice for you, and you treat me like shit for my effort...
Guess what? That'll be the last time...

Case in point:
Many moons ago, I finally convinced my wife I needed a snow thrower.
Wisely, I did not take her with me and therefore bought exactly what I wanted.
A 10hp. 2 stage, 26" wide behemouth with 6 forward and 2 reverse self propelled speeds!

Of course when I got home my wife had a fit!
"Why did you get such a huge snow thrower?!?"
"Because, hon...we live in Michigan and we sometimes get big snowfalls! Plus I can help out the neighbors..."

And I did...
I was the first of our little group to get a snowblower.
So not only did I do ours, but my neighbors on either side of us. Also, kitty corner across the street to the left we have a couple of E.R. nurses that are getting older(well older than me anyway!), directly across the street a young couple with 2 toddlers, and kitty corner to the right a pair of retired female teachers! So that is 6 driveways every major snowfall!!!

We'd had a good 8" snowfall, heavy and wet...the kind you sure don't want to shovel!
I had done 3 driveways and had just started on the neighbors across the street (the younger couple with toddlers), I'd done a couple of passes when the wife pulled up in her minivan. I powered down the blower and walked out to talk to her. She rolled the window down about halfway.
"If you want, you can pull into my driveway...I won't be but another 5 minutes." I told her.
"I've got groceries and a baby in the car, I need in my house right now!!!" She snapped.
To say I was taken aback by the venom of her response would be an truth I just stared at her for a moment.
Evidently not answering quickly enough, she said "Well?"
"By all means," I replied bowing and waving her in "just let me move the snowblower and you can pull right in..."
I moved to the side, she blew into the driveway...into the garage, and closed it behind her before she even got out of the van. Now, given that their driveway is 12' wide, and my snowblower clears 26" a most it would have taken 6 passes to completely clear the driveway and I was already a quarter of the way done, she really would not have had long to wait.

I don't charge my neighbors a dime, nor do I expect anything in return. But if you can't even be civil to me, let alone offer up a 'Thanks' then guess what? You forfeit my help!
That was the last time I did their driveway...
Yes I realize I was punishing him more than her, and I kept hoping he'd ask why I suddenly stopped doing his driveway when I continued to do everyone else's. Just so I could say "Well it's because your wife is a raging bitch!!!"
Which is not to say I NEVER helped him...but it was more on a quid pro quo basis. He helped me get my car unstuck, I'd clear his drive next snowfall, things like that...
He eventually got himself a small snow blower, has done my drive a couple times when there's only an inch or two. In return I help him out when the snow is really deep or particularly heavy.

My wife says I shouldn't hold grudges...and she's right, but I like to say "I don't!"

Because I don't...I don't "hold" them.
I take them in, build them a little home where they live and grow all on their own. Sometimes people feed them and they get bigger, and stronger...until it's time to let them out! At just...the...right...moment!!!
I am a calculating old bear...

So should you suspect me of being less than kind hearted know that there is certainly a reason behind it!

I was feeling generous today and did their driveway anyways.

Be Well Folks!
Stay warm and be Careful if you're driving in this mess!!!

Beastly Bear


  1. What a complete bitch. She should be so grateful. I know I would have been. My husband is on the road for month at a time and I always have to handle the snow alone. From the sounds of it, you and I have about the same size snow blower. Last weekend we got a doozy of a snowfall covered with freezing rain and the blower wouldn't touch it. So I made an executive decision, hunted down a guy with a snow plow on his truck looking for work and got my driveway plowed for 20.00. Best 20.00 I ever spent ever. Last night got another snow fall and so I had to get out there today and clear it out because finally after over a month my husband is finally coming home tonight. That woman...she just makes me mad!! She should have been gracious, let you finish and thanked you. Baked you something. Paid you for crying out loud. I don't blame you one bit. Not one bit.

    1. Glad you've got a snowblower to handle this mess! It must be tough on you with your husband gone for long stretches like that! There are certainly days I'd drop that $20 too, lol!!! Have fun tonight! ;-)

  2. Total beyotch. I wouldn't do it anymore either. Have you ever interacted with her before or since? Is she a bitch all the time or maybe she'd just had a bad day? 13 years ago this month one of my cousins died of a heart attack after he shoveled his driveway and then the one of his neighbour. He laid down on the couch at my uncle's house because he didn't feel well and passed away. Don't think I don't think of that every time i use the shovel myself.....which has been A LOT this year.

    1. JoJo, that was my first and last conversation with the woman. I rarely see her outside her home, except for screaming at the kids/dog from the front porch. I gave brief consideration to her just having a bad day, or maybe she just really had to pee! Either way all that was required was to politely ask, not go all Super Bitch on me! Her husband is a very nice man, and I've had many interactions with him over the years. I feel sorry for him having to live with that. Wait til I blog about their Anti-Halloween night!!! Geez!!!

  3. What a bitch. I wouldn't piss up her ass if her guts were on fire. I wouldn't hold a grudge I'd just forget the bitch lived there!

    1. I wonder if they ever had a conversation like:
      Him: "I wonder why that guy across the street never does our driveway anymore?"
      Her: "I don't's a mystery..."
      Him: "You didn't say anything to him did you?" *suspiciously*
      Her: "NO....why would you even ask that???"
      Him: "Well you know what you're like!!!"