Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chasing 'em off 2....

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Hi Folks!

This picture reminds me of something...

Yesterday I told you about Katie had friend Brandi in Myrtle Beach.

Well the next year when we went, Katie asked if her favorite cousin Jessica could come.

Jessica's family (my sister Anna and her husband Pat) normally would go "up north" camping over the fourth of July so we told her if it was ok with her parents we'd love to take her with us.

Jessie is almost 10 months younger than Katie and always a joy to have around, so when my sister agreed she could go, we all looked forward to taking her with us.

We always drive down, and in true teenager fashion the girls slept the whole trip down...about 14 hours.

So first day in Myrtle Beach is checking into our room, getting dinner, and a walk along the beach for tomorrow our vacation truly begins!

On the beach in front of our hotel, the lifeguards set up beach chairs and umbrellas that you can rent by the day/week. So first order of business was to pick our spot, and pay for our rentals. This is nice because the girls can wander the beach and always know exactly where to find us as we'd be in the same place everyday, all week.

So, first day...VERY first day.
We got up, had a small breakfast and headed for the beach. We all swam and luxuriated in the warm ocean currents for about an hour before heading up to our chairs for some serious sunbathing and reading(Me).

In general, I am not a sit in the sun kinda guy.
Usually I favor sitting in the shade, sipping an iced tea.
But there's just something about Myrtle Beach...the warm summer sun, a cool breeze blowing in off the ocean, the slight mist from the breaking waves...it's just heaven!

After a few hours the girls got restless and wanted to wander the beach. We agreed, just reminding them to stay ON the beach where there are plenty of eyes. So off they went.
On a boy hunt! Lol.

They made several trips, first heading north up the beach then turning around and passing us to head south.

They came back for lunch, just fries and mozzarella sticks from the open air bar/restaurant...as we call it a day about 4pm, head in for showers then do an early dinner out.

About 2pm they showed up, all excited.
"We met some boys," they announced."and they want us to hang out with them, can we?!?"
"Well," I said "I'm gonna have to meet them..."
They exchanged a "look"...uh oh.
"Ok, we'll go get them..."

So here they come, two bikini clad girls leading a couple of crows!
At least that's what they looked like...
Picture if you will on this sunny 90° beach,
Two numb nuts dressed identically in black high top sneakers, baggy black jeans "shorts" I guess we'll call them though they almost touched their ankles. Wallets on big silver chains. Black ribbed tank tops under black short sleeved button up shirts, left open. Several silver chains around their necks sporting skull motiff pendants. Topped off by dirty, greasy looking hair dyed pitch black, and artfully unkept. Good God.
"Mom, Dad, this is Steve and this is Dave."
They stood there, hands in their pockets staring at their feet.
"Hey guys, nice to meet you.." I said.
"Yeah, 'sup..." The taller of the two, Steve said
"Sup" echoed Dave.
Not the dreaded "sup" again? What the hell is wrong with these kids?!?
"You guys here on vacation?" I asked
"Naw, we live here..." Steve the spokesmen replied.
"What grade you guys in?"
"I would've been a senior and he would be a junior, but we don't go no more..."
"I see, you got jobs then?"
"Yeah, for the summer..." Said Steve.
"Well nice meeting you boys..." I'd heard enough.
"Yeah, m'kay" Steve gave a nod to Dave and they shambled off.

"Well?" Asked Jessica brightly.
I knew Jessica was the driving force behind this, my daughter certainly should have known better.

"Uh, I'm gonna have to go with a big 'No' on that girls."
"What? Why???" Jessie whined.
"Why? You really need to ask why? Let's start with how they're dressed...you got to be an idiot to wear that on the beach, and I know they where wearing it on the beach because I told you girls NOT to leave the beach, right?"
My daughter shot Jessie a look...
"Number two they're high school drop outs, which makes them 1) too old for you two and 2) losers!"
"They're in a band, that's why they're dressed like that...and a lot of people drop out of school!" Jessie countered.
"Oh, they're in a BAND!!! Then not just "no", HELL NO!
Look, I didn't drive you girls 700 miles to the beach to get you two AWAY from hip hop wannabe gangster rappers, or head banging metalheads to let you girls take up with a couple the very first damn day! Look up and down this beach...there are literally hundreds of guys! I suggest you keep looking..."

Well, that went over like a fart in church...
So they stomped off to break the news to the crows.

As they stomped off, Kathy said "Well she'll be calling her parents to complain about that!!!"
"Let her," I countered "they're 900 miles away, not like they're gonna come get her..."

Sure enough, about an hour later my sister called Kathy...laughing!
She told her how Jessie had called her Dad, hoping to persuade him to intercede with me on her behalf. 

He told her "When you're with Uncle Joe, what he says goes! And if he didn't like the looks of these guys, it's a safe bet I wouldn't either!!! So suck it up buttercup, do what you're told and mind your Uncle Joe!"

So when the girls got back, still petulently silent I asked "So, what'd your Dad say???"
Katie looked at Jessie and said "Told ya..."
She kinda smiled and said "He told me to trust your judgment, and do what I'm told...and not to call him bitching again." And that was that...

The next day they met up with Justin, a boy Katie had met the year before. His parents had a timeshare in the building next to ours. He was a little older, taking ROTC in school. A true southern gentleman from North Carolina...he was a "Yes Ma'am, no sir" kind of kid. We even liked his parents who ended up setting up next to us on the beach.

They quickly became the "three amigos" and spent the rest of the week together, Justin showing them around some of the local delights. Never worried once while they were with Justin...as he kept the Riff Raff away!

The crows forgotten, all was forgiven and Jessie had such a good time she ended up going with us the next year as well!
Jessie and I mugging for the camera on our balcony while watching the fireworks 4th. of July!
Be Well Folks!

Beastly Bear


  1. The description of those guys sounds like my stepdaughter's ex boyfriend. We were not impressed, but gave him the benefit of the doubt. Till the night she called at 1:30 AM and we had to rescue her b/c he'd beat on her. We've just renewed the restraining order on the jerk. Now she is seeing a very sweet young man who is in the air force and stationed here.

    1. I consider myself a pretty good judge of character...and I got all kinds of bad vibes off those two! Starting with them not wanting to look me in the eye!
      Hope things work out for your step daughter, and that she's smart enough to stay away from him!!!

    2. Let's just say if he tries anything, the lobsters in the Canal will be dining quite well. lol Between her father and her friends, the little bastid doesn't stand a chance. lol

  2. would of done the same if I was in your shoes...good job beastly bear

  3. I think I would have said "hell no!" too. You my friend are a great father! ♥