Friday, February 28, 2014

You don't know your own strength...

Den of the Beastly Bear

Hi Folk!

Sitting in Belle tire with Mama Bear, tires for her car and brakes for mine...
Really I don't know why, I rarely use them!!! Lol.

Went to the doctor yesterday, got drops for my eyes,
MUCH better!!!

When Kathy and I first got married we rescued a little mixed breed puppy we named Suzy.

She was abandoned when her family moved and just left her behind to fend for herself.

Not sure of what her exact lineage was, but long haired dachshund played a major roll in her makeup!

Anyway, like most rescued pets, she was a real lover.
She always he'd to be next to or on you wherever you were.

The one place she was NOT allowed was on our waterbed.

Not just because I worried her nails might sometime puncture the mattress, but also she was little and I didn't want her hurt if I rolled over on her.

Well, that lasted as long as it took for Kathy to come down with the flu.

I went back into the bedroom where Kathy was resting, and there was Suzy curled up against her chest.

"What's this?" I asked as Suzy tried her best to be invisible.

"It's just while I'm sick....she's comforting me..." Kathy said.

"You KNOW she's gonna want to be up here all the time now right?"

"No she won't....she's a good dog.."

Well, she was!

From that point on Suzy would wait until I was asleep before jumping up onto the bed. As, if I was awake I'd shoo her down.

Now let me say up front, I am not against dogs sleeping on the bed...

What I objected to mostly was Suzy's habit of coming all the way up and curling up on the pillows between our heads.

And I always got the ass end of that deal.

Suzy had a long feathered tail, and the fan would inevitably blow that hair across my face...ticking me and waking me up. Being a light sleeper anyway this annoyed the shit out of me.

Now anyone that has ever slept in a waterbed with another person knows, the heavier person sinks deeper in the bed, elevating the lighter persons side.
And seeings how I had 150 lbs. on Kathy, she always slept at the top of a "hill".

One night I was dog hair to the face.

As I reached up to brush the hair away, my hand brushed Suzy's butt. Angry at being awakened again, I cupped her butt with my hand and pushed, she didn't move! Now REALLY pissed off, I shoved her...harder than I should I said:

"Suzy, get DOWN!!!"

Except it wasn't Suzy's butt...

It was Kathy's head!!!

I shoved her right down the other side of her "hill" and right out of bed and onto the floor!!!

She sat up looked around bewildered and said sleepily.

"What happened?!?"

Figuring now was not the time to tell her I just shoved her out of bed by the head....

"Aw baby, you must have fallen out of bed....come on back in, I'll put my arm around you so it doesn't happen again." 

She came back to bed, snuggled in and was out again.

The next day I came clean and told her the whole story...

She said "It's a good thing that wasn't Suzy, you'd have killed that poor dog shoving her that hard..."

"Well she didn't budge when I was gentle...and in my defense I was half asleep!"

"I keep telling you," she said "you don't know your own strength!"

Be Well Folks!

Beastly Bear


  1. Poor Kathy!!!!! As for the dog on the bed thing, once it's allowed, you will never break them of it. Pepper didn't start sleeping on my bed till a long term power outage in Dec. of 2006, and after that she just assumed she was my snuggle buddy. Sagan sleeps in his crate but if I leave the bedroom door open during the day he'll be all over it.

  2. Aaaaaah, she had it coming JoJo! Lol
    She wasn't the one getting woken up every night! Haha!

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Hysterical!! Poor Kathy!!!