Thursday, February 20, 2014

How do you know that???

Den of the Beastly Bear

Howdy Folks!

I am constantly surprised and amazed at the differences between the memory of men and women.

I am a trivia encyclopedia...not intentionally, it just seems I know at least a little bit about a lot of different things.

Whenever I go to a bar/restaurant with the trivia games on the TVs, I play along and often win...

Recently Kathy and I were at Buffalo Wild Wings, the question came on the screen:
This common term for a
Flat bottomed boat is
also the name for a baby 
carriage in England

"Easy," I said "a Pram!"
Kathy just gave me a look the said "That can't be right"
When it was revealed that 'Pram' was in fact the answer she set her food down and in disbelief asked,
"How do you know that?"

I had no answer...guess I read it or heard it somewhere once. That is the way my memory works...

Like, if I asked you to name this symbol ---> ∞
You would likely answer "Infinity"
You would be wrong!
That is what the symbol "represents"...the name for that symbol is a "Lemniscate".

How do I know that? Read it in a book and committed it to memory, by: picturing lemmings rollerskating off a cliff into the ocean.
Weird? Yeah, but I know it...and you can't take that from me!

For this reason, no one will play Trivial Pursuit against me, or in teams everyone wants me on theirs.

Yet my wife's memory blows mine away....but in different ways.

For instance: I know the date my Father died.
My wife will be able to tell you: what day of the week it was, what the weather was like, what every person in the room was wearing and what we had for lunch that day.

She says I make her feel stupid...
Because I know so much.
She makes ME feel stupid,
Because of all the things that she knows.

I tell her it's not that one of us knows "more" than 
the other, we just "know" different things.
Which is why we make a good team I suppose!

As often as I can pull out some obscure piece of trivia knowledge she can whip out an everyday memory that makes me say:
"How do you know that???"

Be Well Folks!

Beastly Bear


  1. I'm the trivia queen here too. I wouldn't have guessed 'pram' given the flat bottomed boat question alone but 'English baby carriage' and I had it right away. I'm also really good with music up to the late 80s. And also, I can remember specifics of events as well. Russell once said, 'your brain is just a plethora of useless information isn't it?' But he remembers details of movies and even if I've seen it a few times I'm like, 'no memory of that at all'.

    1. Kathy's bad with movies she won't remember even seeing it and she'll say "You must have seen that with your "other" wife!"
      Until we start watching it...THEN she'll say "Wait, I think I did see this..."
      I am the movie buff of the family, often I can name a film I've never seen, AND tell you who starred in it...just because I remember the movie trailer!

  2. Between the two of you, I would say you know it all! ♥

    1. Funny, Our daughter says the same thing....with a slightly different meaning!

  3. I'm in awe. Why? Because I remember nothing. Short term memory gone. Long term memory skewed. I remember some things as I wish they had been, I guess.
    Otherwise, if I didn't write it down, I don't know anything about it and this is the first I'm hearing of it. That's my story and I do stick to it.

  4. Got a buddy, just 6 months older than me, carries a little spiral notepad with him everywhere he goes, calls it his written memory! Lol

  5. Omg. My kids and I are the same. We all walk around with this "useless" knowledge good only for trivia games and Jeopardy and people are always asking us how we know that and like you, we have no answer, hell, we ask ourselves that same question! It's crazy what seeps into the mind and stays there. I would love to watch Jeopardy with you n' Kathy. :) My oldest boy is my biggest competition to date and it's usually a kiss either way as to who wins..

  6. Yep, useless information and song lyrics! Kathy's Mom and I would watch Jeopardy and race to see who could blurt the answer out first! Lol