Monday, January 6, 2014


Den of the Beastly Bear


Ok, I'll admit it...I LOVE IT!!!
After yesterdays storm I'm sure many of my fellow Michiganders do not feel the same!!! Depending on where you are in the southern half of the Mitten you received anywhere from a few inches to 16-18"!!!

Yes I know it is horribly inconvenient, but it is SO beautiful!!!

It reminds me of the snowfalls of my youth...we had some wicked winters in the late 60's- early 70's!!!
And as kids we loved it!!!

Sure summer had no school, bike riding, and fishing.
Lazing in Dad's hammock under the big elm tree in the back yard, dappled sunlight weighing heavily on your eyelids...

But how can that compare to the winter wonderland we had?!?

Snow drifted up to the roof made a perfect place to build tunnels and hollow out a playroom!!! Much to our Mother's distress!!! Certain the whole thing would collapse and suffocate and kill us all! It never did...

Snowball fights, snow forts, SLEDDING!!! You will NEVER convince me riding a bike can in any WAY compare to going down a hill on a sled!!! Or better yet a saucer!!! A SAUCER!!! Perhaps the greatest wintertime invention known to mankind!!! Not only was it THE best way down a snow covered hill, but it doubled as a snowball shield! I imagined myself a mini Captain America with my blue steel saucer....
Fighting evil doers with my genetically engineered powers!
The theme song playing through my head "When Captain America throws his mighty shield..." Lol

And as a kid, was there anything better than an ice storm on TOP of a heavy snow fall? What kid doesn't remember trying to walk on top of the snow without breaking through the thin layer of ice that covered it?!?

Our poor one we knew EVER had a snow blower until late into the 70's...until then it was Dad!

If it was REALLY bad, Mom and the kids would help but for the most part it all fell to him! Often it was an all day affair...shovel, get wet, get cold!!! Inside for a warm up with hot chocolate with mini marshmallows...or if you were REALLY lucky marshmallow fluff!!! Clothes in the dryer, while you warmed your hands around that steaming mug!
Then once everything was dry back out until that driveway was clear!

Today, I can clear the deepest snowfall in about 15 min. with my 10hp 32" wide snowblower! It almost feels like cheating!!! Guess that's why, from the time I got it I've helped my neighbors out! Yesterday I briefly mentioned my elderly neighbors, but when it's heavy like this I usually would do the driveways of my next door neighbors and the younger couple directly across the street. 6 driveways, in 2 hours...

The Beastly Bear is pooped!!!


  1. I can remember those time!! The walking on TOP of the snow...and seeing how far you could get before u went down...the tunnels...the snowball fights, the romping thru the snow with our collie Queenie! And cancel school??? WHAT?? Fat chance!!

    1. Oh man, fun in the snow with your best friend!!! There's not much better as a kid!!! Cancel school?!? Why it'd have to be like -27° before they....oh wait!!! LoL

  2. Oh this post is EVERYTHING I love about snow, especially those memories.. We finally got about 4" here and more on the way but those snow falls when we were little, nothing beats 'em. Winter Wonderland, tis true, tis true.. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.. You are the perfect guide.. :)

    1. I was beginning to I write an "ode to snow" and no MiMi? LoL
      Glad you enjoyed it!!! ;-)