Monday, January 13, 2014

Killer Women

Den of the Beastly Bear

Hi Folks!

Last week while I was at work dealing with "the stupid twin", Mama Bear recorded a new show on the DVR called "Killer Women". She watched and enjoyed it, thought I would too...yesterday she had me watch it.

The show centers on Molly Parker, the only woman in the notoriously tough Texas Rangers! Molly is played by (GEEK ALERT) Tricia Helfer of Battlestar Galactica fame! She was the incredibly hot, blonde Cylon...Number Six!

Here Tricia flexes her acting chops by playing the incredibly hot female lead! She manages a respectable mild Texas accent, and really wears a cowboy hat well!!!

The show is your average police procedural, where the hero is smarter, more observant, and willing to break more rules than her contemporaries. All while looking like a Victoria's Secret model!
So I watched it with my wife, as she said she had missed a little during phone calls.
So, when it was over she says...
"Well, what did you think?"
I said "I liked it!"
"Did you like the show....or the girl???" Eyebrow arched..
"Um.....Yes!"  :-)
My Momma didn't raise no dummy!!!

If you're interested there are 7 episodes left (it's a limited run series exec. prod. by Sofia Vergara) Tuesday nights at 10pm on ABC.

Oh, and I think there may be a guy actor or two in there as well...if I concentrate I can almost remember them!!! LOL!!!

Be Well!

Beastly Bear


  1. I heard Sofia was producing a show. I love her on Modern Family. Love that show.

    1. She IS great on that show JoJo! Julie Bowen cracks me up too.

  2. Well, you sold me at Sophia. I absolutely adore her and she may in fact be my celebrity girl crush. Another great piece of info you Beastly Bear! I love you and I love your blog!

    1. Always a pleasure MiMi!
      Love you and yours as well...aspire to be "as good" someday!