Friday, January 10, 2014

Shell Shocked...

Den of the Beastly Bear

Good Morning Folks!
I see a lot of new faces and traffic today, and I'd like to give a big shout out to blog Master, and friend "Magical Mystical MiMi" for her over kind words and including me in her contest!!!

I'm still a little shell shocked today folks! 
For those of you that don't know me, I work for one of the "Big Three" automakers. My plant is going through a complete model changeover, which means most everyone is laid off. I however am not.

I work as second shift Team Leader in the Material Dept., specifically in the "Body Shop".
We've had contractors in my plant tearing things apart since December, they are now pulling out!
So it falls to me and my crew to reset the part banks in which we store the parts as they come in, before being taken to the line for use. We have a blueprint to follow, with lanes set up by column. Boring right?

I only go into that as setup for why I was just beside myself last night!

I have a guy I work with... I shall not name him.
Have worked with him for years, even before he became part of my crew. I consider him my friend.

This man is intelligent, well read(we've shared books back and forth), and an excellent worker. In short one of the guys I count on!

Until last night!
Holy Hell, I don't know what happened...but it appeared all his brains fell out his ass! It was like his stupid twin showed up for work in his place!!!

As they say "This ain't rocket science folks"!!!
Let me give you an example conversation between us last night:
Worker with 3 bins on the forks of his fork truck.
"Joe, where do these go?"
Me, holding print points to yellow line painted on the floor.
"We need to single stack those in a line of three along that yellow line" (easy right?)
Worker looking at me as if I suddenly started speaking in tongues...
"What do you mean "single stack"?!?
I had a sudden flashback to Bill Clinton asking council to define "alone"!!! REALLY?!? How many Fucking definitions are there?!?
I just looked at him...going into my flight attendant explaining how seatbelts work voice...
"Take that stack of three bins apart so that you have three SEPARATE single stacked bins, put them in a ROW along THAT yellow line..."
Worker "One behind the other?"
Me "Yes, unless you know of another way to make a row!!!"
Again, this blank look like any second he was going to start quoting Rainman! "I'm a very, VERY good driver...uh oh...almost time for Wapner! 'Welcome to the Peoples Court'..."

This went on ALL night!!!
I had to hold his hand and walk him through every job I gave him!!! Which took me away from getting my other guys started on things.

Please God, I want my friend back...
Take his stupid twin back to where ever he came from, and never let him darken my door again!!!

This video gives you some idea what my night was like!

Last night of the week, let's hope things go better!

Thanks for stopping by folks,
Be Well!!!

Beastly Bear


  1. Hmmm..makes ya wonder when something like that happens when it is not normal. Sorry your nite was rough..hopefully he will be back to normal tonite....if not maybe he will fill ya in on what is going on.

  2. Too bad about your rough night. He must have been having a rough everything to be so out of sync. Good luck. Hope he is back to his ole self tonight. ♥

    1. Me too Kathy! And thanks for dropping by!!! :-)

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! First, I'm a closet Monty Python dork so I love the video and Omg.. The "Rainman" quote.. I do that all the time around stupid people.. Hilarious Joe and I hope you get your friend back too! Working with the stupid twin may be detrimental to *his* health!

    1. MiMi, I never knew you loved Month Python!!! The Holy Grail is my favorite, but they're all great!!!
      "How do you know she's a witch?"
      "She turned me into a newt!!!"
      "A newt.....?"
      " got better! But she's a witch!!!" Lol

  4. Hi! Came here via Mimi!!! That was a funny story. As my fiance' says, 'you can't fix stupid...'

    1. Hi JoJo! That MiMi's a peach isn't she?!? Thank you for dropping by and the kind words...come back anytime!!! :-)

  5. I hope your friend is Ok. Would love to know how your next shift goes :)
    Stopped by from Mimi's.

  6. Hi GG Girl! Well tonights shift wasn't much better, I did free myself up somewhat by pairing him with another guy and giving them a joint project. But doubt and indecision are contagious, so it wasn't long before they were back for clarification! Lol
    Thanks for stopping by, that MiMi is a sweetheart!!! Hope you enjoy and come back!!