Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yucky day...

Den of the Beastly Bear

Hi Folks!

Oy! It just feels like it's going to be one of those days!

You know the one.
It starts with you having one of those great dreams.
You know, the one where everything is great, and you have not a care in the world! Only to wake up to reality, and your brain starts ticking off all the minutiae of our lives. Car payments due, did I pay the electric bill? Crap, I have too much to do and too little time...well at least it's Saturday...DOUBLE CRAP!!! IT'S ONLY WEDNESDAY!!! AAARRRGGHH!!!

So I've already put myself in a funk before my feet even hit the floor! It's a grey blustery winter day, wind chill of -9°F (that's -23°C) with snow showers to start an hour before I leave for work! Predicted to last till 11pm, just about when I get out of work! Yay me, two way crappy commute!!!

Ok, let's shake it off!!!

Let's try another amusing Tasha story.
As I've said Tasha suffered separation anxiety. As a young adult, little over a year old she developed a bad habit.
Every time we'd leave, Tasha would chew up the toilet paper! Now when I say "chewed up", I mean dime sized and all!
We tried several different remedies to this, bitter apple spray, powdered alum, even hot pepper oil in an effort to get her to stop. Nothing worked!

Finally we hit upon a system.
Before we would leave, Kathy would let Tasha out and I would run back to the bathroom to remove the TP from the holder and put it under the sink. Which happened to be where we kept the spares.
When we came home, I would let her out and Kathy would replace it.
For months this worked perfectly!!!

We had out smarted genius dog, yay us!!!

Then it happened...
One day, I wasn't quick enough...
I turned from putting the roll under the sink to see Tasha standing in the doorway, head cocked and I swear to God she was smiling with a look that said
"Oh THAT'S where you've been putting that!!!"
I said "Get on outta here!!!" 
She turned and ran out to the living room to see us off.

As we left I told Kathy what had happened...
"You think she'll figure it out?" 
"I don't know," I said "depends on how long she was standing there."

We had our answer when we got home.

Where previously she destroyed the roll right there in the bathroom so it was at least contained, we opened the door to a snow covered house!
Well that's what it looked like anyway...there were dime sized bits of TP from one end of the house to the other!!! Not only did she destroy the roll that had been on the holder, but the other 5 double rolls stored under there! She'd luxuriated in her destruction, having been denied for so long! She must have tossed and savaged them like a cat with a ball of yarn. It was on the couch, the chairs, even on top of the television...bits on the kitchen counter, I mean EVERYWHERE!
She came bounding towards us when we opened the door, happy as could be...suddenly skidded to a stop, looked around her, hung her head and slowly walked the rest of the way.
It was hard to be mad at her, after all it was essentially my fault! And she'd obviously had one hell of a time!

So until she grew out of it we found a new place to store the TP, one where without opposable thumbs and the ability to stack things she was never able to get to!

Still miss her everyday!
Her ashes rest on our mantle, in a place of honor!
I'd guess by the picture you'll be able to figure out why she's been on my mind!

Yeah, that didn't work so well....   :'( 

Be Well!

Beastly Bear


  1. They are comedic little creatures aren't they? Too bad you didn't have a nanny cam set up that day to record her adventure. I bet you miss her a lot. :( BTW, where do you live that you had the cold temps? We are digging out from the second blizzard in less than a month.

  2. I am in SE Michigan JoJo. It's Polar Vortex 2: The Return!!!

  3. We share our home (or her home) with a Bicon. As an adult she is still a little mischievous, but as a pup she was the craziest and most destructive pup we've ever shared a home with. She chewed everything she could get into her mouth. Buttons. snaps, zippers, pens, pencils, eye glasses, shoes with anything shiny on them or just about any bag, purse or anything else that caught her eye. Which would be everything! We crated her for many months when we went away and finally decided we needed to just stop leaving anything at all out that didn't need to be and let her get over this.
    She is 12 now and most things are safe...but if you visit, do NOT leave a pen on an end table. They are still too exciting to ignore. Oh, and bras. They have shiny hooks that she must remove and chew into tiny bullets. *sigh*
    But I love my furbabies and I know you miss yours. They are the light of our empty nest, for sure.

    1. Gotta love them Jo, Tasha eventually cost us thousands in damage before we broke down and bought her a cage...I have 16 years of stories to share about her, I'll be parsing them out here and there should I get stuck for a topic. Doubled up only because the 10 year anniversary of her passing was upon me. Love that furbaby, and give her a squeeze from me!!!

  4. I love that you love her so.. What a beautiful memorial for her ashes.. <3