Saturday, January 4, 2014

Parenting skills???

Den of the Beastly Bear

 My Daughter turned 22 in September, she is a beautiful, level-headed and warm-hearted young woman!

One of the greatest joys of my life was being able(due to working third shift) to spend as much time with her as possible. I was able to do the field trips, make the evening shows/concerts/conferences, it was great!

At night I put her to bed at 9 pm and left for work at 9:30 to start work at 10. When I got out at 6 am, I was home by 6:30 am, got her and her Mom up at 7!!!

While Kathy got ready for work, I made sure Kaitlin got breakfast and ready for school. When Kathy went to work, I'd put Katie on the bus then hit the sack!

When she got home she'd wake me up, I'd fix her an after school snack and we'd do her homework before her Mom got home. When Kathy got home we had dinner together...

This all worked splendidly until summer break, when I would go to bed as soon as I got home, get as much sleep in as I could before she got up. Spend as much time as I could with her, then if she went to a friend's I could grab a little more sleep while she played!

 I tell you all this so you know my Daughter and I are absentee Dad here!

That's not to say I let her slide though...or failed to serve up a little life lesson when required.

When my darling Daughter was about 8, she got it into her head that that she wanted her beautiful waist-length hair cut to her her friend Ashley's. A decision I might add, that I wholeheartedly disapproved of.

But being just a "Dad", she and her Mother conspired to make this happen despite my protests. An appointment was made...and unfortunately, the only appointment available was during the week. School was out, so when the day arrived it fell to the guy that least wanted it done to take her! So, we got up and had breakfast and as I was cleaning up I asked her:
"So, how much hair are you having cut off?"              
"To about here..." She said, pointing to her shoulders.
"Why do you want to cut off all your beautiful hair?" 
"Because I want my hair as short as Ashley's"(whose house she was going down to play at until we had to leave for her appointment)
"Well if you're going to cut your hair THAT short, you might as well just shave your head and go bald!" I quipped.
"I will.... if you will" she laughed, and she was out the door.
"Back at 10!" I called as the door closed behind her.

I'd been wearing a short flat top for the last couple years, and I was up for a change. I gotta say that her flippant attitude set none too well, waking the Beastly Bear. Time for one of those life lessons.  :-)

So I broke out the clippers and reduced my flat top to stubble! Jumped in and took a shower, then lathered up and shaved it smooth! My head people!! Minds out of the gutter please!

 You should have seen the look on her face when she bopped in the door at precisely 10am!!! She stared at me a minute and said "Daddy? What did you do?"
I gave her my most innocent look and replied
"Well, you said you'd shave your head if I shaved we'll be twins!" and smiled.

Her lower lip started to tremble, tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at me...
"Come on," I said. " let's go and get that head shaved!!!"
And rubbed my hands together for dramatic effect
(drama geek, remember?)

"But.…but Daddy....I don't wanna be BALD" she almost wailed.
" said..." I said looking confused "you said you would, if I would"
"I...was...kidding!!!" She was working herself up into quite a state by now.
"Well, I thought you were serious...I guess you shouldn't say things you don't mean...huh? Well, I guess if you really don't want to we'll just go get your hair cut then..."
Her relief was palpable...lesson learned.
So we did...of course 2 weeks later she wanted her long hair back!!! Lol

I of course, had not counted on Kathy's reaction!!!

As soon as we got back I sent Katie back down to play at Ashley's so I could at least get a little sleep. She watched for her Mother to get home...and rode her bike like the wind to meet her in the driveway.....

My wife, of course, thought my daughter was exaggerating, so when she came into our darkened bedroom to wake me with a kiss. She got quite the shock when she laid her hand atop my head...
"Ewwwwwww you really did it!!! If that child needs therapy I swear to God it's gonna be because of you!!!"

Well, she turned out just fine...and I couldn't be prouder of her!!! But she's never forgotten to "mean what you say, and say what you mean"!!!

Parenting skills? Yeah....I got that shit!!!   :-)

I kept my head shaved all summer, just because...
A Beastly Bald Bear! Lol

Be Well Folks,
Beastly Bear


  1. *That's* AWESOME! But poor Katie.. I bet she was terrified! No doubt that lesson stuck with her all her life! You scared the bajeezus out of her! Great story. Great parenting skills. GREAT Dad! :)

    1. Thanks MiMi!!! She has not forgotten....nor forgiven me I'll wager!!! ;-)