Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Princesses first date...

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Howdy Folks!

Good God, it's only Wednesday!!!

Yesterday I told you all about Princess Bear's early adventures with boys...pre 16!

That was the age her mother and I had discussed would be about right for her to start dating...enter "J"!

Katie was 15 when she met "J" at school, he was a year older than her. They started talking on the phone and hanging out at school...she was falling hard. Then just before school was out he broke his leg in a dirt bike accident. That was when we started taking her over to his house for "visits", as he couldn't drive. We met his parents, very nice folks...and we were comfortable letting her hang out over there. This was also when I met "J". We had taken Katie over, and "J's" mom invited us in. They had the poor kid in an office chair so he didn't have to walk, and could push himself around with his good leg instead of fooling with crutches in the house. He was a good sized kid, about 6' 1-2", blonde hair almost white and blue eyed.
To his credit, as soon as we came in he attempted to stand to greet us and shake my hand! Liked him immediately. I told him to stay seated, we understood.

He was laid up through July, and once the cast came off and he could drive he'd come over here to see Katie.

"J" was a "car nut". He had a Honda Civic that he was always working on and upgrading, spending what little he made at his part time job at the pizzaria.
So at the end of August, when the Woodward Dream Cruise rolled around, he wanted to take Kaitlin on a "date" to go down with him and some friends.
Katie would turn 16 in early September, and we liked "J" so we said OK. With the proviso that I have a talk with "J" before they go.

Now I don't know exactly what my daughter tells her boyfriends about me, but uniformly they are always afraid to meet me...go figure.

Guess they don't want my full attention!

Now "J" had already met me, yet he "freaked out" that I wanted to talk to him! But he wanted to date Katie more than he was scared of me, so he agreed.

On the day of their date, Katie told me "J" was on his way and could he bring his friend in with him when I talked to him? I said of course that would be alright.
"You're not going to embarrass me are you?!?"
"Of course not," I consoled her "I just want to clarify a few things."

Now it is a well known fact that I detest the "thug" look. Put your damn hat on straight, and pull your 
F-ing pants up!!!

I was in the family room when the boys arrived, and instead of coming into the house they waited just inside the front door. 
OK, guess I'll have to go to them.
As I round the corner I see "J" and Kaitlin, properly attired...and his friend, with his hat on sideways rocking the young white thug look! Really?!? This is who you brought for moral support?!?
Sooooo first thing I said is:
"I see somebody doesn't know how to wear their F-ing
hat in my house!" Open strong.   ;-)
"I'm sorry sir..." The friend said, whipping the hat from his head.
"J," I said "I don't believe I know your friend..."
He introduced us, I shook the young man's hand. Firmly!
"Look, I don't want to keep you guys so I'll be brief.
You understand that Katie's 15, and she was not to date until she was 16...and that we're making an exception because it's you, right?"
"Yes sir." He relied.
"OK then, here's the deal. That's my Baby! For almost 16 years, this girls health, happiness, and well being have been MY responsibility! Now, you take her out of my house, YOU assume those responsibilities... and you're not going to want to fail in upholding them. Because if something happens to her while she's in your care...well, brother...this planet ain't big enough to keep you from me. We understand each other?!?"
"Yes SIR"
"Alright then, you guys have a good time...stay out of trouble, and if you have any problems feel free to call."
And so my baby left on her first official "date"!
I must not have frightened the boy too bad, they dated a couple years...went to prom together...but like most romances it ran it's course.
Prom 2009
Kind of a shame too, I liked the kid. Sure, he had some knot head buddies that got him in a shitload of trouble(after they broke up), but he treated my daughter right! And I really can't ask for more than that!

Be Well!

Beastly Bear


  1. He sounds like a nice kid! High school think they'll last 'forever' but very few do make a successful transition to a real marital partnership. My former boss was from the Detroit area and used to schedule his vacations there to coincide with the Woodward Dream Cruise.

    1. I only know one, my sister married her high school sweetheart...almost 31 years now and still going strong!! Thanks for stopping in JoJo!

  2. Don't you hate it when the good ones get away and you just never really know why and then it takes them forever to find a good one again.. I so, so don't miss that time.. And way to tell those boys. I was pretty harsh - I know, shocking - on the dates/boyfriends/girlfriends/friends that my kids had too!

    1. What's funny MiMi is he wouldn't let her out of his sight that entire date...when one of his buddies wanted to take her around the block in his souped up car he told him "No way Dude, something happens to her...her Dad will KILL ME !!! LOL

  3. Awww they made a cute couple. Too bad it didn't work out.