Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome Friends!!!

Welcome to the Den of the Beastly Bear!

 Hi folks! My name is Joe Ormerod aka the Beastly Bear!
I've decided to give this blogging thing a try, on the advice of someone whose opinion I trust completely(shout out to my blogging hero Magical Mystical MiMi)!!! If my stuff is ever half as good as yours, I'd be happy!!!

 A little about myself, I live and work in the great state of Michigan, for General Motors. Married to my wife Kathy (Momma Bear) for 26 years and we have a 22 year old daughter, Kaitlin (Princess Bear).

My intent for this blog is a little bit of social commentary, life lessons, things I find amusing or odd and to tell about some of my favorite things. I love to cook, almost as much as I love to eat so I may share a recipe or two!! I enjoy wines and premium and microbrew beers! I'm an avid reader, I love my movies, hunting, fishing, and shooting! As you can guess then, I am a huge supporter of the 2nd. Amendment!!! A CCW holder, and a bona fide Sheepdog to my core! What is a Sheepdog you ask? Well, a Sheepdog protects his flock from the wolves of society! At any time my flock can consist of my friends, family, and those innocents around me. I carry not to take life, but to defend the lives of those around me.

Ok, enough about me for now! For this, my first ever blog...I feel a rant coming on! And my rant is about this:
Infants and toddlers in restaurants
Now it has been posited to me that I hate children, this is just not so! I love well behaved children!!! But, children only know what they are taught, and therefore...
My problem is with the parents!
 Here's the thing, I understand that there are times you either must take your infant/toddler with you out to eat, or you just want to. Now if you are going to a family style restaurant, I don't have a problem with this. Where I have a problem is when I am out to a nice restaurant, Steakhouse, or Bar and Grill, paying a relatively high price for my meal, and I have to listen to someone's screaming demon child!!! Really?!? If I wanted to listen to little Damien scream his head off, I'd have come to your house for dinner!!! But being that I'm in this classy, dimly lit restaurant enjoying an adult beverage with my fine meal, the very LAST thing I want, is to listen to THAT! Nor do I enjoy the pleasant odor of partially digested formula puke, or that of a filled to bursting diaper!
It seems to never fail, no matter where I'm at. If there are no infants in the restaurant, when someone comes in with one they seat them right next to or behind ME!!! It's like a giant cosmic "F-you, you really thought you could have a pleasant, quiet meal?!?"
So, have a little respect for the rest of the world and leave your bundles of joy at home! Because seriously, if you can't afford the $20 for a babysitter...your stupid ass shouldn't be eating here ANYWAY!!!
 The other thing that bugs me is "Mommy's Day" at the Bar & Grill!!!
In general, those having lunch at the Bar are having a businessman's lunch, doing business, watching a game or just want a quiet drink with their meal! Enter the MOMMY BRIGADE, baby carriers and toddlers in tow, 4-6 strong!!! Oblivious to the balefull stares of those around them as they try to corral their heathen brood into seats!!! Which, incidentally only lasts the exact amount of time it takes the brigade to be seated!!! Then they are off and running again and once the Mommy's asses hit the chair they are not getting up again, save to hit the restroom! No, instead THEY start screaming!!! "Lucas!!! Tommy!!! Get back over here now!!! NOW I said!!!" 
Ya ever notice it's not the moms of well behaved children that partake of this particular activity?!? They either have better sense, or better manners!!! And...Not to be a killjoy either, but should you really be downing a couple of glasses of wine before putting the kids back in the car to do whatever running you are out doing?!? Seriously ladies, buy a couple of bottles of wine at the grocery store, take turns hosting so only one of you has to cook, and let your kids run and scream to their hearts content...AT HOME!!!
Or then again, there IS Chucky Cheese!!!
Guess this is why I'm the Beastly Bear!!! *heavy sigh*


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME TO THE BLOGOSPHERE!!!!! You're awesome!!!! And this is going to be a GREAT blog!!!!

    1. Thanks MiMi!!! These poor people have you to blame!!! Lol
      Thanks for the love and support!

  2. Great start Joe. We taught our kids how to eat at the home dinner table before we took them out into public. If they did not obey, off to the bathroom or car for a quick refresher lesson. They learn quick that if you are not embarrassed or afraid to bring them back into line they better act right.

    On semi related note, I have your luck on airplanes, kids ears don't adjust to the ups and downs and poor wretches scream, right in the seat behind me.

    1. Thank you Dave! We did with our daughter as well...what's funny is she'd see other kids acting up and say "Ummm, they're gonna be in trouble..." Lol

  3. WTG Joe!! You did great for your first time!! Mimi can be blamed for a few blogs!! Guess, I better step up my game!! You two put me to shame..but, hey, it's a new which I have made myself a few promises....hmmm, maybe I should put those to work in my blog. As for the children...we took our kids a lot...but...they knew how they were expected to behave or else...

    1. Yep FFF, the heat is on now. Step up is right! I expect to see lots of blogging from you in 2014. :)

    2. Thanks FFF, I appreciate that...can I assume she hooked you too?!? :-)

  4. Just stopping through for a weekend visit! I also love hunting, fishing and guns and am also getting ready for my CCW class. :)

    I have to agree with you on this one and I am a mother of four kids. They are grown up now but I feel the same way. Now when I got to the part "If I wanted to listen to little Damien scream his head off, I'd have come to your house for dinner!!!" I choked on my coffee!!! I am also stopping by to let ya know a lil ahead of time that I have chosen your blog for the upcoming Blog It Forward Spotlight! After my post today, it only makes sense to chose Den of the Beastly Bear! :)

    1. Hi GG! Thank you so much (in advance) for featuring me in your "Blog it Forward" series! I started out with high hopes of maintaining a daily blog...which has trickled down to more weekly, lol. Not that I have less to say, just finding it hard to make the time to say it!!! Thank you again, for your continuing readership, and for sharing!
      Much love,